Don't just manage. Thrive.

Auto repair is a challenging and rewarding business, accomplished by hard working, intelligent professionals.

Shop-Ware delivers innovative shop management software that promotes business wellness, maximizes productivity and teamwork, and wins with customers by streamlining sales and bolstering your online reputation.

Meet Shop-Ware

"Shop-Ware doesn't fix cars, but it makes the rest a whole lot easier."

- Travis Decker / CEO and Lead Tech, Atomic Auto

Step 1: Inspire Your Staff


Spend time on cars, not clipboards.  Shop-Ware eliminates confusion so you can focus on jobs at hand.  Clearly understand what needs to get done, quickly document work in one place, and communicate with coworkers seamlessly.


Meet The Expeditor, our groundbreaking collaboration tool.  Dispatch, receive, and monitor jobs in real time, with workflow status, parts status, and job timers.  You can also share jobs with your customers, to communicate and sell online.

Parts Manager

Shop-Ware tracks what you need, what you've ordered, and what's in progress, so you don't have to.  See parts status on EVERY job, across all jobs.  
Dynamic search tools and clean, colorful design make sense out of the complex.  Batch orders instantly and place them online.

General Manager

A comprehensive view of your shop: job status, parts status, customer contact and job timers - all powered by Shop-Ware automatically.  
Unburden your staff of time consuming tracking processes; see logs of all user actions on each RO, as well as individual employees and the shop as a whole.


Automatic sync in real time with Quickbooks Online: all customers, invoices, and payments.*  Review and search Accounts Receivable in app.  Generate instant reports across any date range, to reconcile payment methods and register.  

*Quickbooks integration is a Pro feature. Check out our plans to learn more.

Step 2: Impress Your Customers

Online Communication

Reach your customers anywhere, anytime, with the click of a button.  Customers can view all the service details, all in one place, including photos, videos, scan data, anything you wish.  Have a conversation inside the repair order and sell online; no phone tag, no limitations.

Paperless Workflow

Paper is costly and inherently limited, but it's also old fashioned.  Show your customers that your shop is high tech, in the front office as well as the service bay.  Digital documents capture the sophistication of contemporary repairs, and their corresponding value.

Integrated Checklists

Finally combine your checklists with the services performed. Communicate results seamlessly to the customer, and refer to results in service history easily. Quick technician interface, quick ability to tailor checklists for your own shop use.

Speed of Service

Fix cars faster without the distraction and stress.  When you know what's going on in your shop, real time, you can avoid problems before they occur and meet promised times.  Get and stay busy with confidence.

Five Star Reviews

Your service excellence shouldn't have to compensate for old fashioned technology.  Embrace tools built for the digital age to differentiate your shop from the competition.  Give your customers even more to boast about.

Step 3: Better Business

As an independent shop owner, you have your own goals and priorities.
Shop-Ware facilitates better business on your unique terms. Here are just a few examples of our clients and their stories.

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