Parts GP Optimizer

This industry-first tool calculates your parts gross profit by employing powerful cloud-based computing. Simply enter your desired parts GP% and it sets your pricing to hit the target.

A mighty matrix ‘on steroids’.

Using the GP Optimizer is like playing darts and hitting the bullseye every time. Its algorithm takes your parameters from a traditional matrix – based on your markups, your sales history and your GP target. From that point forward, you hit your targets every time.

“Since using Shop-Ware’s GP Optimizer, we have noticed a significant increase in our gross profit per ticket. This feature has allowed us to get our parts margins within a set range so we can receive predictable GP patterns each week. It’s as simple as telling the Optimizer our desired parts GP% and it automatically sets our pricing to hit the target.”

Bill DeBoer Jr., Owner of DeBoer’s Auto in Hamburg, New Jersey

Stop discounting to your detriment.

Kick the habit of micromanaging your parts pricing and trying to figure out which discounts left you short at the end of the month. Simply test a $5 markup compared to $50 one to see the shift in GP margin. The Optimizer knows which parts it can mark up more so you can focus on the bigger picture beyond parts. As the distribution of parts by cost price changes day to day, the Optimizer flexes its curve as necessary to stay on track.

Unlimited storage + potential.

Since the Optimizer uses cloud-based computing, it can review an unlimited amount of inventory and sales data, no matter the size of your business. It leverages these advanced statistics and machine-learning principles to create a custom, “optimized” parts markup curve based on your shop’s actual parts sales then flexes the curve automatically as your parts sales mix naturally changes. It liberates your shop from your local server capacity or systems to collect and track your parts pricing.

15 minutes will transform your shop.

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