Multishop (MSO)

Shop-Ware proudly offers multishop owners a unified customer history. Deliver consistent service with informed staff across all locations. Stop wasting time gathering and aggregating data; see and manage it all from anywhere.

Seamless service history.

Multiple locations: one unified customer history. Review all invoices in one place, the Customer Profile, without switching shops or granting staff excessive permissions. Local staff can see what other locations did, said, and showed to the customer, as well as the conversation with the customer across all vehicle service history. This includes repair orders created in Shop-Ware as well as all migrated data (even if your previous system didn’t support multishop).

Maintain a consistent and informed message no matter which location the customer chooses. Never accidentally repeat a sale. See the customer’s value at your fingertips: total dollars, number of visits, ARO, and reputation/notes across the entire organization. Shop-Ware gives your staff the tools to nurture relationships no matter how big you get.

Past recommendations & pricing.

Shop-Ware tracks and presents unsold service whenever (and wherever!) a vehicle returns. With Multishop, those recommendations carry between locations automatically, along with a direct link to the origin repair order to review the context of the sale and any customer objections.

Past recommendations reference original prices and can be instantly updated to the local shop pricing (for labor and parts), with an alert if that pricing has gone up or down. Let Shop-Ware power the continuity for the customer experience without compromising your shop’s profit needs.

Stop rewriting service, underselling or overselling. Stop guessing whether the customer heard about it before. Make sales with confidence when your staff and your customers are all on the same page.

Advanced analytics.

Size and visibility are at odds with one another, or at least they used to be. Enter Shop-Ware’s Advanced Analytics.

Get the Business Intelligence (BI) you deserve with a professional grade backend built for the big guys. Our Analytics platform reports on all shop activities:

  • Repair orders
  • Customers
  • Marketing sources
  • Vehicles
  • Services mix and detail
  • Category detail
  • Parts, Inventory, and Vendors
  • Profitability and accounting
  • Advisors and sales performance
  • Technicians and efficiency
  • Speed of Service

Across every location, automatically.

Anything captured in store can be surfaced across all locations, analyzed, and converted to reports. Schedule any report for regular email delivery. Slice and dice by individual locations, compare locations, or track as regional or custom groups. Create any kind of custom report against any data point with unlimited visualization types.

Too good to be true? Let us show you what is possible and all the ways it can be tailored specifically for your organization. Unlock your management potential and de-risk continued growth with confidence.

Still want to create your own? No problem! Read more about our RESTful API, webhooks, and Zapier integration.

“I oversee the operations of four locations and Shop-Ware has made all of the difference in the world for me. I can see everything that is going on at any time, from anywhere. No more remote logging into four different computers. The analytics section has been vital for auditing margins and looking for trends between stores. Shop-Ware helps me manage everything better. I can clearly identify which advisors are struggling to close sales. I can also see technicians that aren’t recommending as much work as other technicians. Shop-Ware gives me the numbers I need to manage my business in a clear manner.”

Phil Carpenter, Director of Operations of Urban Autocare and Avalon Motorsports in Denver, CO

Employee management.

Maintain granular tracking into every employee action, across the application, to drill into questions and hold individuals accountable. Shop-Ware tracks every staff member’s activity on every repair order and every parts purchase with unmatched detail, to get answers and make management decisions.

You and your managers will be enabled like never before, but they won’t need to respond 99% of the time: visible tracking discourages errant behavior in the first place.

Shop-Ware also forwards tracking data to Analytics for overarching insights, user behavior between locations, comparisons, and action items to share success in house.

Employee security.

Greater access demands greater control. Efficiency and profitability require your people get off of paper and into a collaborative environment; once connected, they cannot be let into the wrong places or functions.

With Shop-Ware employee permissions are “access-based”, not “role-based”, allowing individualized controls for each and every staff person. Permissions are further segmented into two tiers: those that can be managed by designated administrators and those that can only be changed by the singular account owner.

Maintain absolute control over who can perform destructive actions (deleting information, refunding payments, etc.). Close loopholes for good.

Instant provisioning.

Shop-Ware’s data structure is born for multishop: there’s no barrier to create another location and get to business. Add Canned Jobs, migrate your data to that shop and knit with the rest of the organization incrementally, immediately. Spin up a shop whenever. Shop-Ware has unmatched data structure, bi-directional API, and MSO flexibility.

15 minutes will transform your shop.

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