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Let your auto shop estimating software work for you and watch your customers post more five-star reviews.

“My clients love it. After they participate with their repair, they are hooked on a great customer experience. They have confidence in our team and they tell their friends.”

Brin Kline, Owner at Assured Auto Works

“My clients love it. After they participate with their repair, they are hooked on a great customer experience. They have confidence in our team and they tell their friends.”

Brin Kline, Owner at Assured Auto Works

The Need

58% prefer digital

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    Respond more quickly, thanks to auto shop software

    Stop making it so hard for customers to give you payment for your services. Remove barriers within customer interactions by providing instant answers. That’s the professional touch people expect.

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    Personalize your recommendations

    Present sales clearly for a great customer experience. Generate a quote based on auto repair estimating software. Then, deliver what they want by answering quickly and transparently.

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    Use more digital channels, like estimating software

    Expand the number of channels you use to communicate and offer maximum reach to your customers. Evolve how you manage customer interactions to stay relevant, inviting and viable with the best automotive shop software.

Shop-Ware Auto Repair Software Customer Testimonial

The Solution

Shop-Ware’s integration with auto repair estimating software makes you look great, highly competent and responsive. You will impress with a great customer experience and earn repeat business.

Transparency with auto shop estimating software

Keep life simple when the information for each and every job sits in one place. A single digital repair order organizes every step from auto shop estimating software to payment with skill and care.

Now more than ever, customers want to know exactly what repairs involve and how much it will cost. How you manage this expectation is key to the success of your repair shop.

Customers want transparency not only in the pricing of repair services but in the actual services that are performed. Auto shop estimating software bridges that gap by showing worn or rusted parts that need replacement, then the precise cost of parts and labor to do the job.

Go beyond their expectations by sending photos and videos from before and after a repair. By offering full transparency, you exceed their views of what to expect from an auto repair shop and tell their friends.

auto shop estimating software

Connect on their terms with live chats and texts

Add a personal touch to customer interactions when you communicate on their own terms and their devices. A responsive, mobile-first design that shares reports from auto shop estimating software save them from downloads and you from coaching them on how to read a quote.

Connect with customers anytime, anywhere for a seamless eCommerce customer experience. You’ll never have to interrupt their busy days again with a phone call and a long explanation of what is wrong and how to fix it.

Send updates by phone, email, text or our exclusive live chat option to keep them informed. Let them decide how they reply to you with more options than any other auto repair software.

Build trust with every generation by speaking to them in ways that they choose. For example:

  • 98% of text messages get read, unlike emails and phone calls
  • 89% of phone users read text messages within 30 minutes
  • 34% of texts get answers in less than five minutes

Stay in touch more effortlessly and get approvals quicker and with more trust. As a result, you build bonds with customers as you make it easy for them to get their cars repaired.

auto shop estimating software

Auto shop estimating software shows HOW you solve problems

Share your inspections, diagnosis, and repairs with your customers, shifting the emphasis to the car’s problems and your ability to help. Include technical detail without limit thanks to auto shop estimating software.

Show them how complex a car repair can be and how you are their ally for a full range automotive repairs. Clear up any potential confusion so you get to a “yes” sooner.

No matter how you reach out to customers, all messages merge into one thread so your customer gets a crystal clear answer no matter who responds. This makes it seamless for all parties.

  • Customers can text your shop to ask about hours or random questions then read a quick reply on their phones.
  • This thread begins within the Direct Message channel without having to open an RO.
  • Watch for a bubble when a cusomter is typing a reply to messages so you will be ready to answer them quickly.
  • A checkmark signifies when a message is sent successfully!

Shop-Ware makes it easy for any person in your shop to update with customers with accurate information. Like stellar shops, we evolve with the times so we can help you do the same.

Shop-Ware Auto Repair Software Customer Testimonial

The Result

Great customer interactions = More 5 star reviews

Create a great customer experience based on the valuable help you provide every day. Shop-Ware promotes your reputation as well as your profits, quality of customer interactions, car count and bottom line. That way, both you and your customer come away from the transaction as a winner!

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