How to Make Money in Auto Repair

Unlock the secrets to optimize your Gross Profit and achieve greater success in your business.

Superhero Sales

Prepare quotes and win approvals in seconds with Shop-Ware’s best-in-class automotive repair order software.

“I have seen my GP, average ticket, and up sells go way up – like 25% and more. I’ve used the rest, now I use the best.”

Dean Simmons, Owner at Simmons Automotive

“I have seen my GP, average ticket, and up sells go way up – like 25% and more. I’ve used the rest, now I use the best.”

Dean Simmons, Owner at Simmons Automotive

The Need

Make sense.

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    Rely less on phone skills, more on auto repair software.

    Naturally, some people still want to reach your auto shop by phone to discuss a repair. Everyone else prefers a digital experience where auto shop software allows them to make purchases in one seamless place.

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    Communicate technical detail with each repair order.

    Auto repair is complicated and expensive. The right automotive repair order software shows off your technical expertise and all the reasons the service you offer is so valuable. Best of all, you save time and look like a genius.

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    Compete on total value in real time.

    Price only makes up one component of a great auto repair transaction. The others are convenience and competency. Deliver all three with shop management software and beat your competition every time.

Shop-Ware Auto Repair Software Customer Testimonial

The Solution

Shop-Ware’s super-powered automotive repair order software puts accuracy at your fingertips, to move jobs forward, fast, and in front of your customers.

With sophisticated repair order software, you’ll never write twice.

Use simple search and filters to quickly surface your canned job library across any car or service type. If you don’t have a canned job, that’s no problem: search past services and instantly grab any service you’ve ever written on any car. This will save you time and energy to use on better customer service.

automotive repair order software delivers superhero sales solutions

Painless parts profit in every repair order.

Sell your parts with confidence with Shop-Ware’s patented Parts GP Optimizer: an automated markup curve in our auto shop programs based on your unique service mix. Delight as your auto shops’ profitability hits your monthly target automatically.

Free up your service advisors to stay focused on serving customers and your techs to deliver the quality of repairs your customers have come to expect.

Less phone, more auto repairs.

Present upsells with a click and let customers approve work directly through the repair order; no phone call necessary. Let them see every steps of the auto repair process with complete transparency; track every customer action within automotive repair order software in real time.

When customers see the value of your work and the complexity of the vehicle they drive, you earn their trust. Auto shops who use this type of auto repair software get great reviews and repeat business.

Shop-Ware Auto Repair Software Customer Testimonial

The Result

89% of Customers click “YES”

Remove the worry around margin, price shopping, and whether the customer will buy. Shop-Ware’s shop management software delivers overwhelming approval metrics, at an average 12% better than the same shop’s conversion over the phone. Save time and deliver a richer customer service experience.

15 minutes will transform your shop.

Experience the industry’s leading shop management software.