Shop Management Software
meets cutting edge web technology


Harness the Internet

Shop-Ware embraces new technology, rethinking the repair process in a connected, wholly flexible platform.  The Internet is a space shared by both your staff and your customers, and unbound by paper.  Your shop will seize new opportunities and thrive. 

Contemporary UI

Clean, modern, and sensible design to simplify your everyday tasks.  We pay close attention to real world scenarios so you can embrace tools naturally.

All our features harness cutting-edge web technology: dynamic search, edit in place, and responsive styling for every size of screen.


Shop-Ware is optimized for multiuser collaboration: every staff member has their own login and password.  Once they sign in, they can see their tasks at hand and collaborate with others.  Notes and actions are attributed to the person who made them.  Managers can track who did what, at what time, on what repair order.

Unlimited Possibility

Shop-Ware works for you, not the other way around.  Take your shop to the cloud and experience the benefits of a connected work environment: for your staff and your customers.  Access your business intelligence from anywhere, anytime, on any device.  This is the industry game-changer you've been waiting for.

The Expeditor

Meet "The Expeditor"

People will always fix cars, but software can and should keep track of jobs at hand.  The Expeditor connects all your employees, personalizing their individual responsibilities and priorities.  Instead of clipboards, you can pass jobs between staff instantly, inside the application, with real time notifications, messaging, and time clocks.  

Expeditor Clocks

Assign jobs to employees, not workflow buckets.  Expeditor "clocks" track transition time and throughput to emphasize efficiency.  Each staff member knows what they need to work on now, and why, without distraction.  Clocks allow individual employees (and admins) to quickly address problems before they start.

In-App Messaging

Transfer jobs between employees in real time, along with internal messages.  All transfer events and messages are captured for easy reference; understand what happened on the job and about the job simultaneously.  Eliminate errors and honest mistakes surrounding workflow.

A Comprehensive View

See all the jobs in your shop sorted by status, Expeditor, and employee.  Quickly reference Expeditor clocks to know what needs attention.  Save time and frustration wondering what is going on with particular jobs, particular techs, or particular advisors.  Have confidence your shop is in tune.

Repair Orders

Dynamic Interface

Unlike paper, web pages are interactive.  Their features are layered and linked, with the ability to host as little or as much information as you need.  Enhance your documentation with web based tools and design.

Write Service Your Way

Shop-Ware renders each service separately, with completely flexible and editable ingredients.  Present your services the way you want, quickly and easily.   Reuse and edit services on future ROs.

Notes Feed

Communicate everything with Shop-Ware's "Notes Feed": words, photos, scan data, videos, recommendations.  Gather everything in one place; stop spreading information across emails, texts, hard drives, and conversations.  Staff can quickly review and assess the next steps.  All notes are stored for quick reference in service history.

Online Sales

Share jobs so  customers can review recommendations alongside notes and checklists.  You can quickly communicate service details, phone calls optional.  Customers can quickly convey what they want: approve additional work and comment back.  Staff receive notifications for every customer action. 


Lightning Speed Quotes

Build estimates and recommendations instantly with Shop-Ware's service modal.  Our clean interface simplifies what used to be arduous, with search driven results to quickly find what you're looking for and get it on the RO.

MOTOR Integration

Pull factory labor times, part numbers, and list prices from MOTOR Information Systems, powered by their cutting edge web service.  Workflow is optimized for building the service, not hunting in different places with umpteen clicks.  Maintenance schedules and fluid capacities included; factory inspections automatically populate into a checklist.

Intelligent Canned Jobs

Create your service menu and it will automatically learn as you apply it across all the cars you service. Estimate jobs based on your shop’s intellectual property and experience, quickly and easily.

Leverage Past Services

Keyword search all past services with filters by year, make, model or engine size.  Grab any previous service regardless of application and quickly edit as needed.  Total flexibility; never write a service more than once, ever again.


Make sense out of the complex

Shop-Ware tracks and allocates individual parts across individual ROs, so you don't have to.  Once the estimate is built, our optimized parts workflow tells you what you need and creates POs for your vendors, batching parts and predicting quantities.  Parts are complex, but Shop-Ware makes them a lot easier.

Status on each RO

Shop-Ware tracks and allocates parts for every single repair order, so all staff know which jobs are ready to start, which are pending, and which ones need immediate attention.  Batch orders from the RO quickly and easily.

Stock orders and receiving

Easily keep up on parts below stock, as well as needed  parts across all your ROs.  Shop-Ware's dynamic filter tool quickly batches parts by status and/or by vendor.  Search is flexible and forgiving, powered by websolr.  


Integrated parts quotes and orders through PartsTech, the nationwide eCommerce portal.  Quickly look up prices and availability from either the RO or the inventory branch.  No complex setup, no downloads, no maintenance; everything facilitated through the web.  

Share with Customers

Have conversations all in one place

Keep communications centralized, where they belong, without duplication.  Share repair orders with your customers directly, including service details, notes, and recommendations.  Refer back to conversations and details in service history easily.

Customer Approvals

Present recommendations the same place you estimate them, and customers can review, approve, or decline, in context.  Customer actions are posted instantly and automatically; confirmation emails also go to the service desk.  Experience the power of online sales.

Customer Notes

Have a conversation with your customer right from the repair order, and capture their comments for easy reference, while work is in progress or anytime in the future.  No more email threads or additional duplication; everyone on staff can see the conversation and stay in the loop.

Collaborate and thrive

With a centralized notes feed everyone knows where to follow the story.   Provide updates with the click of a button, and gather customer feedback without phone tag.  Your shop will run with speed, confidence, and clarity.