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Shop-Ware Offers Free Software to ASE-accredited Schools

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA – Shop-Ware continues to lead the industry by offering free shop management software to schools who train the next generation of technicians. Its staff has teamed up with the ASE Education Foundation to arm future techs with the digital tools they need.

To date, Shop-Ware has partnered with more than 70 schools to provide access to its platform. ASE-accredited schools are welcome to subscribe to this free offering, including the full feature set of the shop management system. Shop-Ware can get any school started quickly with its in-product learning tools and training guides.

Quote by Andre Pimentel about pride in providing free software to auto mechanics in training

“Writing a repair order is a task and a standard in the accreditation process. Some students who are not prepared will find it very difficult to transition from education to the industry,” said George Arrants, Vice President of the ASE Education Foundation during the call. “Having a shop management system in the classroom creates an opportunity to bridge that gap.”

Experts from Shop-Ware recently provided a demonstration to more than 100 instructors to highlight the value of shop management software in today’s shop environment. The presentation by Sales Manager Monique Mondragon focused on how shop management software:

» Plays a critical role in a shop’s overall business plan

» Improves efficiency and internal communications between shop staff

» Can make employees more productive and achieve higher gross profits

» Improve communications and relationships with shop customers

Keeping up with the evolution of auto repair

In her demonstration, Monique reinforced how the driving experience has gone digital, making the repair process more complex. While many shops remain mired in old paper-based processes, technology quickly evolves.

By training on a modern system, techs learn to showcase their problem-solving talents and present them in a clear and visual way. As a result, they start their careers by demonstrating their skills to their coworkers and managers – and the value they offer to customers. When using Shop-Ware, students can gain insights into how shops harness cutting-edge tools during repairs, Then, they can build their confidence for workplaces that stay current with the latest technology.

To get started, schools just need a six-digit ID ASE accreditation program code and one minute to fill out this form. For more details, email our support team.

About ASE Education Foundation

The ASE Education Foundation works with more than 2,300 automotive technology training programs and more than 100,000 students nationally to provide the transportation industry a viable workforce through standards and credentials for institutions, organizations and individuals. The Foundation also offers career development and workplace exposure by creating relationships and partnerships with employers. For more information, visit www.ASEeducationFoundation.org

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