Shop Spotlight: CEO Ryan Snow Drives St. George Transmission Into a Bright Future

When he took over the helm of St. George Transmission, CEO Ryan Snow committed to running the best independent auto repair shop in southern Utah.

Based on the love flowing back from his customers, via a plethora of five-star reviews, he and his team succeed at doing exactly that.

Ryan worked as the shop’s service manager from 2008 to July 2017, then took over after founder Dave Jeppson retired. Over the years, he saw firsthand how workflow and scheduling matter when maximizing value of each technician’s time. That’s just one reason why he is such a fan of Shop-Ware’s real-time labor guide and auto repair software.

“We have a diverse team with more than 220 years of combined experience, with training and certifications in multiple disciplines,” Ryan says. “Our collection of talent means that we are able to dive deeper and be more accurate and reliable than many other auto repair shops.”

Changing with the times

St. George Transmission & Automotive began serving southern Utah in 1993, outgrowing a few buildings along the way. Its founder initially called the business Dave’s St. George Automotive to reflect his extensive experience as a rebuilder of automatic and manual transmissions, transfer case and differential repair.

Word spread fast and Dave quickly became the trusted authority for transmission and drivetrain repair in all of southern Utah.

In 2008, he decided to build a much larger facility to accommodate a growing customer base then changed the auto repair shop’s name to St. George Transmission & Automotive. In 2016, David retired, leaving Ryan (on the right) and the same talented crew to run the shop.

A mix of expertise and customer focus

The shop specializes in drivetrain but also take care of engine problems, electrical issues, oil changes, diagnosis, pre-purchase inspections and much more. Their widespread experience, knowledge, and talent that allows them to help with everything “from headlights to taillights and everything in between.”

Ryan and the professionals at St. George Transmission pride themselves on offering expert, dependable service to keep their customers carefree while on the road.

“Our passion lies in serving our customers with the most precise, honest, and efficient repair options possible,” Ryan says. “These days, diagnosing a customer’s complaint requires an expert technician and state of the art tools. Luckily, our shop is well stocked with both!”

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