Girl Gang Garage Trains More Than 200 Auto Techs Each Year for Three Reasons

Today we shine the spotlight on an all-female run, owned, and operated shop, Girl Gang Garage. This shop started with a mission to champion women’s entry and advancement within the automotive and skilled trade industries. Keep reading for more on this inspiring shop and its equally inspiring owner, Bogi Lateiner!

Meet Girl Gang Garage

Girl Gang Garage considers itself a catalyst for gender diversity in a male-dominated automotive industry. Bogi Lateiner, TV host and proponent for female empowerment in the trades, launched an all-female “Chevy Montage” truck build in 2016. She found that the response was overwhelming and saw an opportunity to address an undeniable need within the industry. She partnered with Shawnda Williams, a design technologist and strategist, to launch Girl Gang Garage. A few years later, the shop now hosts more than 200 women a year for various project builds and professional development opportunities.

The Phoenix, Arizona-based shop breaks down what they do into three main tenets:

  • Creating opportunities for women in the trades to work together, meet one another, share their skills, challenge their abilities, and inspire confidence. Each month, they host industry-exclusive networking opportunities to promote connection.
  • Providing women of all ages, who have little to no automotive experience, open access to hands-on training and initiatives. They offer each woman free access to first-hand automotive restoration experience and industry mentoring.
  • Showcasing all the incredible women within the automotive industry – and the volume of women who are interested in being a part of it. As a result, they celebrate and share stories through social media, live interviews, and outreach.

We are honored to have such an initiative-driven shop as part of Team Shop-Ware!

* All images courtesy of Girl Gang Garage

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