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Before moving elements on your mobile view:

  1. Navigate to the Properties Panel (the right-hand menu)
  2. Under the Layout Assistant section, click "Entire Page"

This will automatically adjust elements on your page to fit the mobile view, and you'll only have a few stragglers to adjust manually.


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Boost Parts Profit with One Click

Optimize your parts profit with the industry's first solution built on data science.

Save 80% on time spent buildings ROs.

The industry's fastest estimates using intelligent canned jobs and native checklists.

Handle more cars. Built for high-RO Shops. 

Integrated workflow management with technician tracking, job status, and efficiency reporting.

Fewer costly calls and more satisfied customers.

One-click communication and in-app work approvals that customers love.


" Shop-Ware makes my life so much easier and I get unbelievably positive feedback from our customers. "

- Justin Nunes / Owner, J&G Automotive, San Rafael

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