(Hamburg, New Jersey)

How this father-son team modernized their
40-year-old shop, saving them time and money

Meet DeBoer’s Auto.

Bill DeBoer started DeBoer’s Auto in 1982. Joined by his son, Bill Jr., more than a decade later, they scaled their business in general repair and introduced new innovations into the work process.

The challenge.

DeBoer’s Auto services all makes and models of vehicles. Their previous shop management system was slow, crashed frequently, and was not equipped to handle this diversity. They were also investing time and money on various systems needed to run their shop, and were often stalled by customer approval calls. Their previous system also did not interface well with digital vehicle inspection platforms. The shop’s productivity suffered, which limited their earning potential.

The results.

DeBoer researched various shop management systems, testing each feature before making their decision to switch over. Within one week of going live, they began to see results in the shop’s overall efficiency and productivity. Providing customers with instant access to estimates has saved the shop time and facilitated sales.

The takeaway.

Shop-Ware’s customer engagement tools were vital to DeBoer’s plan for streamlined efficiency, allowing them to maintain a steady average of 25% approval for shop recommendations. The platform provides complete transparency, making it easy for the customer to follow along with the entire repair process remotely. This is a critical step in improving the team’s productivity as it reduces time spent on the phone and also allows for the shop to present recommended services. DeBoer’s Auto recognizes that great customer service is key to maintaining returning customers. The shop’s five-star testimonials on Google Reviews is a clear indicator that they are doing a lot right.

Shop-Ware Auto Repair Software Customer Testimonial

“Since using Shop-Ware’s GP Optimizer, we have noticed a significant increase in our gross profit per ticket. This feature has allowed us to get our parts margins within a set height range so we can receive predictable GP patterns each week. It’s as simple as telling the Optimizer our desired parts GP % and it automatically sets our pricing to hit the target.”

Bill Jr., Owner at DeBoer’s Auto

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