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“We fully believe that to be successful in our business, we need the best people and the best tools available. Shop-Ware has proven to be just that.”

Pat Schnaidt, Owner at Performance Tune Auto Repair

“We fully believe that to be successful in our business we need the best people and the best tools available, and Shop-Ware has proven to be just that.”

Pat Schnaidt, Owner at Performance Tune Auto Repair

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Shop owner Brin Kline says Shop-Ware’s auto shop software earns more trust from his clients. It makes his team look more professional since customers can see the value of the work they do. He adds that customers often mention that the car repair programs make it easier to work with his shop. In fact, it comes up in 20 percent of their online reviews, which boosts his rankings.

Owner Reggie Stewart felt his old auto repair software was too antiquated so he upgraded to Shop-Ware. At first, his staff didn’t really want to change their habits and switch to a new shop management system. However, one day a customer agreed to a $4,200 repair order after receiving a text based on a digital vehicle inspection only. From that day forward, his staff have turned into Shop-Ware fans.

Greg Minnick notes his techs found it easy to learn how to use Shop-Ware’s automotive repair software within a few days. As you can tell by the name of his shop, Greg doesn’t follow the usual way of doing things. However, it really paid off with Shop-Ware. As a result of the switch, he reports that his customers like seeing repair orders and quotes generated by auto repair estimating software.

Mark Mckeen recommends Shop-Ware since its auto repair software workflows help his team get more cars throug the shop in a day. As a result, his techs and his customers are much happier than when he used his previous software. He notes that customers also like seeing photos of the wear and tear they need to fix. That way, they feel their are in the driver’s seat when they decide to invest in repairs.

Jordan Bentley raves about how Shop-Ware’s mobile mechanic software works. He really like how it works with automotive diagnostic software so his customers can quickly see and approve why they need repairs. Next, he finds the auto repair order software easy to use, clean and uncluttered. He ranks this as vital since he runs a one-man shop and needs jobs to roll out smoothly.


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