(Freeport, Maine)

How this Euro-centric shop optimized efficiency
& boosted their bottom line

How this Euro-centric shop optimized efficiency & boosted their bottom line

Meet Autowerkes Maine.

Voit Ritch, nationally recognized as one of the top European authorities, founded Autowerkes Maine over 30 years ago. This 5-star service center has earned a reputation for their exceptional integrity, fair prices, and excellent work; which has yielded a loyal following of customers throughout New England and beyond. Autowerkes Maine is a 9,000-square-ft facility designed to repair European vehicles. They are an original member of the prestigious BIMRS International BMW service organization, and also a Bosch Car Service center.

The challenge.

Autowerkes Maine fell victim to wasted time from using an outdated system. The shop spent several hours per week on pre-writes and pre-ordering parts. Scheduling appointments in their previous shop management software was time consuming, so they chose not to enter them. Inspections were completed on paper, and staff had to print a report with a list of stock items and manually key each item into WORLDPAC speedDIAL. The Autowerkes team felt the loss in time from such manual processes and they were ready for a change.

The results.

Ritch and his service manager, Mike Bergeron, did their research before ultimately selecting Shop-Ware. They knew they needed a cloud-based paperless solution that had a built-in digital inspection, and the software’s innovative features were impressive. After a welcomed transition from their old system, Autowerkes Maine reported an immediate improvement in shop efficiency and gross profits. The shop estimates 25+ hours per week saved by ditching the pen and paper, and up to a 5 percent increase in parts GP.

The takeaway.

With the implementation of Shop-Ware’s auto shop management software, Autowerkes Maine has refined processes. Former manually written procedures are now accomplished electronically, instantly speeding up routine paperwork and helping to eliminate human errors. The software also allows for customizations using canned jobs and enabling accurate, multi-point inspections per customer or vehicle. Autowerkes Maine had been trying to increase its profitability on parts and, once they started using the Optimizer, the shop brings in thousands of dollars more per month. Shop-Ware has also helped with customer retention and customer satisfaction index scores by showcasing the cutting-edge repair work as it occurs.

Shop-Ware Auto Repair Software Customer Testimonial

“With canned jobs and past services, I’m writing up $4,000 tickets in minutes – when it used to take me over an hour.”

Mike Bergeron, Manager of Autowerkes Maine

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