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An intuitive and user-friendly interface, allowing technicians to quickly add their findings. With a seamless process from inspection to customer approval, vehicle repair has never been easier or faster.

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Manage assigned jobs more efficiently.

Technicians can quickly access the My Work screen, which clearly lays out their work assigned, each with the most critical information needed by the Technician to plan their work for the day. 

Easily view your work assigned, with the most critical information needed.

The interface is simple yet informative, displaying crucial information such as the repair order (RO) number, corresponding vehicle details (including license plate number, year/make/model, color, and fleet info), and due in and due out times (if specified). Additionally, technicians can view the billed hours for the RO, depending on their access level. The Parts status label alerts technicians if any parts need to be ordered or are still awaiting delivery, ensuring they can prioritize their tasks effectively.

Streamline RO access and service information.

Upon accessing an RO, the technician can view all services and notes associated with it. If the technician selects a particular service, they will be able to see all the relevant details of the service, as well as the service hour tracker which helps to improve the accuracy of their service hours. Once the technician starts working on the service, they can easily access all the labor items, required parts, and inspection items associated with the service. Additionally, they can quickly view the vehicle’s specifications by clicking on the icon located in the top right corner. This system streamlines the process for technicians and allows them to have all the necessary information at their fingertips.

Swipe shortcut interactions and inspection item management.

Native to the TechApp is the use of swipe shortcut interactions, a feature that has been utilized by many other apps on the Apple and Google Play stores. This interaction is familiar to users of mobile apps like Mail, Message, Instagram, and Facebook. With swipe shortcuts, technicians can quickly mark an inspection item with a green status without clicking. For any inspection item that has a yellow or red status, technicians are guided to our Create Findings screen on the TechApp, where they can record their findings and add images to provide context for service advisors and customers. The TechApp is integrated with the device’s native camera, which allows technicians to capture images with flash and zoom-in capabilities. Once findings and attachments are added, technicians will see associated icons under the inspection item, indicating that a note and/or attachment(s) have been added. Service advisors and customers can see these findings and attachments directly under each inspection item on web and DVX view as well.

Effortlessly improve the customer experience.

By prioritizing work based on the urgency and importance of needed repairs or maintenance, service advisors can help reduce the overall time and cost of repair visits. This process involves several steps, including reviewing inspection notes in the service advisor’s preferred manner, creating recommendations for necessary services or edits to existing notes, and reviewing the recommendations’ urgency and priority. Additionally, service advisors have the ability to curate a list of recommendations for the customer in their preferred order, further streamlining the service process.

The decision-making process for car owners is easy and uncomplicated. The TechApp’s simple UI presents the work that has been done on their vehicle, along with any recommendations for fixes. With a clear understanding of the priority and urgency of each recommendation, shop customers are able to quickly approve or decline services without requiring extensive guidance from service advisors. This approach not only saves time, but also allows for more informed decisions that benefit both the car owner and the shop staff.

Shop-Ware Auto Repair Software Customer Testimonial

“TechApp by Shop-Ware has increased technician efficiency. Due to the ease of picture-taking, I’m able to capture more high-quality images compared to using the web version. This, in conjunction with the new recommendation color-coded system, has led to a 10% average improvement in approval percentage. This is a GAME-CHANGER!”

Jonathan White, Service Manager at Phil’s Pro Auto Service in Greeley, CO

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