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Native Parts Catalog

The Native Parts Catalog speeds up the process of building accurate estimates by checking fitment, pricing, and availability in real time across multiple aftermarket parts distributors. Everything just clicks.

Make the most of every minute.

Building estimates can eat up valuable time in your day, especially if they don’t pay off with a customer saying ‘yes.’ Stop polluting your day with popup windows that clutter your screen. Find the parts you need fast without scrolling through pages to unearth what you need.

The Native Parts Catalog does the hard work for you, connecting all your vendors inside the repair order, so you can build accurate quotes in seconds instead of minutes. You quickly compare vendors and pricing at a glance, making parts ordering easier than ever before.

When you get it right, without making the customer wait, you can start the repair order even sooner. That keeps dollars flowing into the shop without delay.

Demo of how to order auto parts via the Native Parts Catalog

No fret, no sweat.

We’ve made the process simple and easy to learn with just three steps to find and add the part to your order. You’ll wonder how you ever worked with a clunky menu in the past!

  1. Start by choosing a recommended service and looking up the part under the Estimator tab. In less than a minute, you’ll see a range of options that you can choose with a click on a box.
  2. Quickly check to see if it’s in stock then open dropdown menus to see more details in the notes.
  3. Add the ones you need – based on price, fit, or availability — to the repair order and carry on with your day!

Want to see it in action? This video shows how to order the right tie rods in just 40 seconds.

With this ease of use, you can onboard new staff effortlessly. The Native Parts Catalog saves them the hassle of jumping through multiple hoops to learn how to order parts at a great price. They will be clicking on the right clockspring in no time!

Built-in bonuses.

Since it comes with Shop-Ware’s most popular plans, the Native Parts Catalog is virtually turnkey. Just marvel at what you get when you sign up:

  • Compare live costs and availability across multiple vendors in one place
  • Find the parts fitment for all labor guide tasks – at your fingertips
  • Filter fast by cost, brand, and availability
  • Assess sell prices based on your shop’s local inventory and Parts GP Optimizer® markup settings
  • Build quotes quickly from both aftermarket and OE catalogs
  • Add price-accurate quotes directly to the repair order
  • Simply click to place parts orders within the repair order
  • Bypass prolonged punchouts to a separate eCommerce site since Shop-Ware’s Native Parts Catalog is built right in!

Even better, the Native Parts interface can be used anywhere via a desktop, mobile, or tablet. Work from within a bay, the front counter, or your front porch thanks to this cloud-based platform. Shop-Ware makes it easy for you to enjoy life and still serve your customers well.

Shop-Ware Auto Repair Software Customer Testimonial

“The ease of pricing parts and ordering parts through Shop-Ware is TONS better than our previous software. Being able to pull up multiple vendors at one time compare exact parts instantly and then order from online has saved our shop countless hours of time as well as thousands of dollars in parts savings.”

Calvin S., Auto Shop Owner, 1-10 employees

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