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Give your customers the ease of quickly responding via live chats in auto repair software, like other leading service retailers. Speed up approvals without picking up the phone. You’ll only get this from Shop-Ware!

‘Talk’ in a familiar way.

By now, customers are used to getting answers about purchases from bubbles on their screen. Now our industry has its own live chats in auto repair software where you can send out details of an RO with photos and video. Customers love the transparency, responding quickly via phone, tablet, or laptop so you can clear another car and move onto the next job.

Weave all messages into one thread.

No matter how the conversation starts, or how many of your team members are involved, you can easily track every word. DVX feeds all the messages seamlessly into one place, in chronological order. Customers, service advisors and techs can all chime in. Hold everyone accountable by seeing estimates, timelines, approvals and more via live chats in auto repair software.

Add anyone with a click.

Since Messenger activates when you share an RO, it’s easy to find the information even if another service advisor or tech takes over. If someone is heading out on a lunch break, simply add another staff member to the thread. Everyone gets notifications of new messages so you sing from the same songbook. You set the permissions for each thread with no fuss.

Take it to texting.

Live chats in auto repair software connect you quickly, but more and more businesses communicate with customers via text messages these days. Shop-Ware also offers a text-messaging option – with no third party integration required.

Share an RO and then give your customers a choice to respond with one quick SMS or in a live chat window. No matter what, Shop-Ware’s Messenger merges the conversation into one thread for clarity. Now that’s stellar service.

Shop-Ware Auto Repair Software Customer Testimonial

“Shop-Ware allows us to communicate the professional standards we adhere to in order to make sure that our customer’s vehicle is receiving the proper care and attention. We can see that our customer’s appreciation for what we do has grown over the past few years since moving to Shop-Ware, they can see that we’re pro’s and can transact at the pro-level as well!”

Scott Brown, Co-owner of Connie and Dick’s Service Center

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