High-powered auto repair inventory management software keeps track of fulfillment status and price markups, minimizing what has to be kept in a person’s brain, saving time, stress and mistakes.

Parts. Managed.

Track parts on repair orders within one of three states:

  1. Not on premises, not on the way
  2. On the way
  3. On premises

Stocked parts (kept in inventory) sort into one of three states:

  1. Below stock, not on the way
  2. On the way
  3. Stocked at proper level

Shop-Ware’s auto repair inventory management software tracks each of these states automatically. This happens for every single part, on every single repair order. Each state is color-coded in the UI and easily batched to take action, making sense out of the the puzzle.

Status on each repair order

View the order status on individual repairs to see what’s missing and order directly within your auto repair inventory management software. Never overlook a part again. Parts statuses update live and in real time, as changes occur on each repair order. Visualize the part status across all repair orders in the shop or within your assigned group. Then, respond quickly when needed and rest easy on everything else. Know when to dispatch jobs as ready to start, which need parts, and which ones need immediate attention.

Shop-Ware Auto Repair Software Customer Testimonial

“Parts management is pretty awesome, I know if I have a part in stock for the next few days appointments and when I need to make a stock order all I do is make a couple of clicks and BAM I am done. This tool is saving time, we are able to get more done.”

Anthony Lucido, Co-Owner at CoAuto

Stocked parts and inventory control

View the status of stocked parts across your inventory to easily recognize what’s missing and order directly by vendor. Never run out again. Organize your inventory by location, to perform audits at any time. No more Saturdays or overtime after hours. Analyze stocking quantities based on recent turnover; look at purchase history for any part and follow numbers back to every single repair order for warranty or quality control issues. Export your entire inventory at any time to sort and analyze independently from Shop-Ware’s interface.

eCommerce integrators

Shop-Ware supports online vendor purchasing across these integrators: PartsTech, WHI NexPart, MyPlace4Parts, Parts Authority and directly to WorldPac on SpeedDIAL. It also houses a Native Parts Catalog. In all cases, Shop-Ware pushes vehicle information as well as parts details, to remove repeat lookups and get you straight to the part in the catalogue that you need. Punch out to integrators from repair orders or the inventory page. Return quotes to add and update parts in either place; place orders to create purchase orders and update parts status automatically. Setup is as simple as entering your account credentials so you can get started immediately. Add new vendors at any time.


Shop-Ware will create and track cores for all of your parts automatically when you order from an e-commerce partner. Just as with individual parts, your cores are a quick search away, and returning and tracking returns is finally made simple. You can view and track your cores and core returns, create return orders and track their status – all without printing any paper or managing files.

Parts Gross Profit Optimizer

As an industry-first tool, the Parts GP Optimizer automatically seeks and attains your parts gross profit. It uses powerful automotive software to replace the manually-configured “parts matrix” approach to finding profit.

The Optimizer engages cloud-based computing to collect and review an unlimited amount of inventory and sales data. By going beyond your local server capacity, it works for every size of auto repair shop network. With advanced statistics and machine-learning principles, it creates a custom, “optimized” markup curve based on your shop’s actual parts sales. Finally, it flexes the curve automatically as your parts sales mix naturally changes.

You tell the Optimizer your desired parts GP % and it sets your pricing to hit the target. Without any extra effort on your part, it adjusts its aim to maintain accuracy and deliver your profit goal.

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