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Employee Management

Take the guesswork out of what your staff does during the day. Keep an automatic log of every person’s activity across multiple devices. This digital “paper” trail tracks technician time so you never lose a document again. Even better, auto shop employee management software creates a history of every keystroke so you never have to play the game of “he said, she said.”

See every step

Follow every employee action at a granular level, across the application, to drill into questions and hold individuals accountable. Shop-Ware tracks every staff member’s activity on every repair order and every parts purchase with unmatched detail, to get answers and make management decisions.

You and your managers will be enabled like never before, but they won’t need to respond 99% of the time: visible tracking discourages errant behavior in the first place.

If any question arises about when or if a part is ordered, you can get the answer within seconds. For example, every time a staff member goes into the inventory database, selects a part and changes the quantities on hand, that detail gets logged into a report.

Shop-Ware’s auto shop employee management records every action taken during the customer journey and clears away any doubt. Customers love getting quick answers to how close their car is to being ready for pickup, plus they see a full account of what happened during its time in the shop.

Improve based on the facts

To coach your service writers or techs on how to get better, you need to see how they work and where they can grow. Shop-Ware’s individual tracking of every staff member allows you to check each person’s statistics and compare them. That way, you can work on pain points by addressing the time spent or dollars lost in any transaction.

Shop-Ware also forwards tracking data to Analytics for overarching insights, user behavior between locations, comparisons, and action items to share success in-house.

Manage these processes and more:

  • Payroll – when they clock in, clock out, and work overtime
  • Identify top-performing staff – Gauge tech efficiency, productivity, billed hours, recommendation approval rate, sell-through sales, sell-through %
  • Permissions for ordering parts – Figure out where delays occur so you can resolve them

Since employees’ actions are time-stamped in the real-time labor guide, you can see how long each stage of the repair process takes. From there, you can identify areas where there is room for improvement on a case-by-case basis.

Identify roadblocks and get them out of the way for good.

Build trust

When everything sits out in the open, you can have more honest talks about how to take your business to the next level. Once employees know they have a chance to shine, your team will respond with their ideas on how to make you all better as well.

Thanks to Shop-Ware’s transparency, you can also oversee and manage chat conversations


  • Control which threads each employee can access so you customize communication to suit your style
  • Maintain visibility over what’s said through Messenger for another layer of accountability

Running a multi-shop operation? Shop-Ware makes it easy for local staff to see what services other locations performed or recommended. High visibility and tracking means less handholding and micromanaging. Training is also a breeze and staff can get up to speed on the SMS at one location, and easily pick up shifts at other locations. They simply log in and navigate the exact same software, no matter where they’re scheduled to work.

Shop-Ware Auto Repair Software Customer Testimonial

“Tech satisfaction is up. Productivity is up. The past way we were doing it, we were very unproductive and now sales are up.”

Mark Mckeen, Owner of Auto Service and Tire

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