Digital Vehicle Experience (DVX™)

Blow customers’ minds with an immersive, interactive eCommerce digital vehicle experience, exclusive to Shop-Ware. Showcase your automotive service, sell more work and generate raving fans.

Elevate the customer journey

Don’t just DVI. DVX™. Fixing cars is uniquely complicated, mysterious, and expensive. Digital vehicle experience (DVX™) allows you to convey information with rich media and flexible content, no matter what the car needs. When you offer your customers familiar, no-pressure, neutral buying decisions, they say yes.

Upgrade your communication

Shops have historically depended on phone calls to convey their value to customers. Not only does this take a lot of time (especially when people no longer answer the phone), but staff require excellent phone skills to make sales.

Also, as cars get more complex, verbal descriptions of problems and recommended repairs become overwhelming. This is why a digital vehicle experience with pictures, videos, and other digital assets help customers gain understanding on their own time.

Remove boundaries

DVX™ facilitates customer education and buy-in, but it also lets the humans do the things only humans can do: build relationships. Convey information and then staff can answer questions in context, using Shop-Ware’s Messenger, easily accessible right from the repair order.

Live chat with customers like they do with their favorite online retailers. Make it easy for them to see the problem and get answers without awkward silence. Provide and receive instant responses so work can keep flowing without pause. This type of transparency is priceless to earn trust – and repeat business.

Emphasize value

It’s helpful to communicate what the car needs via a digital vehicle experience. It’s even more important to showcase what the car gets. Even if you’ve sold the job, you haven’t been paid. DVX™ allows you to capture all the details, from Customer States, to inspection results, to work in progress, to finished product. Surface all of that content at the point of sale, so the customer isn’t paying for their problems; they’re paying for your solutions.

Boost profits to new levels

With DVX™, customers click “yes” 89% of the time, making your time to quote really pay off. Approvals are easy; shops average increases of 20% in revenue, gross profit, and shop efficiency. Intuitive design shows customers what work is approved, in progress, or done, so they can pay right after the job is completed. Digital Vehicle Experience is a streamlined solution that makes everyone’s day more productive and hassle-free.

Get rave reviews for a digital vehicle experience

Speaking to your customers clearly and concisely demonstrates your value to them and their understanding of the auto repair. When they feel appreciated, they will want to return the favor by writing enthusiastic five-star reviews. Master modern communication and unlock a customer response that keeps your shop profitable for years to come.

Shop-Ware Auto Repair Software Customer Testimonial

“Shop-Ware is the only choice. If you’re wanting to be with a company, that’s the leader in the industry, it’s going to help them not only survive, but improve their business, improve the perception of the industry, improve their relationships with their clients. And it’s going to be at an automated level.”

Brin Kline, Owner of Assured Auto Works in Melbourne, Florida

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