Digital Vehicle
Inspection (DVI)

The fastest, easiest inspection tool that leaves a traditional digital vehicle inspection behind. Shop-Ware takes your processes to the next level with integrated workflows and unlimited forms.

Go beyond ‘digital.’

A digital vehicle inspection, or DVI, reinvents the standard checklist, which has been used by repair shops for decades. Instead, it serves as an electronic file for easy reference and sharing. Traditional DVIs are just generic paper-like lists on a screen, with little flexibility and few details divided up as you need them.

Eliminate parallel workflows, harness unlimited templates.

Shop-Ware takes the digital vehicle inspection to the next level, to execute your processes. Shop-Ware DVIs are:

  • embedded in the repair order. This allows technicians to follow requirements from initial inspections through repairs then enter their findings all in one place.
  • standard or custom, across each and every type of service, for maintenance, diagnosis, or repair.
  • associated with vehicle Year, Make, Model and Engine Size on each repair order automatically. That way, you can tailor it for your canned jobs library and use it again with ease.

Speed + diligence with a digital vehicle inspection

Stop treating vehicles as one size fits all. Monster-sized checklists are cumbersome and time-eating for staff to fill out. Thanks to the flexibility of Shop-Ware, you can make inspections a natural part of technician feedback on the repair order.

  • A native digital vehicle inspection doesn’t need any extra dispatch or interface.
  • Check off condition and enter notes in seconds.
  • Attach any kind of media – photos, videos, PDFs, etc. – seamlessly.

Shop-Ware organizes all of the details – photos, videos, scan data, TSBs – for maintenance, diagnosis, and repairs.

Shop-Ware Auto Repair Software Customer Testimonial

“Shop-Ware integrates everything I need for managing appointments, performing inspections, writing estimates, ordering parts and communicating with customers in one package. I’m particularly happy that it has built in digital vehicle inspection capability, allowing me to avoid third-party add-ons at additional cost.”

Jasper Beier, Owner of Modern Age Auto Clinic

Showcase your value with a digital vehicle inspection.

Customers see digital vehicle inspection checklists and their results as part of the repair order document. This builds the value of all services – maintenance, diagnosis, and repairs and – showcases your attention to detail. They get this view whether they receive the details on paper or remotely.

Show them results in a clean and design-savvy format. This approach shows a high level of quality and helpfulness, instead of confusion, frustration or overwhelm.

Quality control thanks to a digital inspection checklist.

Native inspections make your staff accountable. Techs cannot mark services complete until they have marked off all checklist items. No one can close the work order until all services are marked complete. Therefore, every inspection is guaranteed to be thorough.

With Shop-Ware’s flexibility, you can customize inspection forms for different vehicles, so unrelated inspection items don’t get in the way. You can also add whatever extra items may come up right into individual repair orders.That step builds in quality control no matter how the job unfolds.

Manage your auto repair software workflows.

Create and manage your digital vehicle inspection form library with Shop-Ware’s top-notch canned job tech. Build as many forms as you wish, for any type of job, and Shop-Ware will automatically learn which processes fit which vehicles.

  • Edit and update any form at any time.
  • Set labor times for inspections to track technician efficiency on each and every repair order. This allows you to measure the time it takes to complete the inspection compared to expectations.
  • Charge for inspections or keep them part of the service; any related charges (or discounts) flow into the repair order account automatically.

You will see the impact of your inspections and the chance to sell extra services as a natural part of your daily numbers. This keeps the inspection native to all repair order activities.

Shop-Ware’s native digital vehicle inspection feature will save you time on every repair order. At the same time, it unlocks your capacity for more detailed, higher value service.

15 minutes will transform your shop.

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