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Grasp an overview of your day’s capacity via the green dots and gauges, freeing you up from tracking multiple, time-eating manual processes. This Shop-Ware exclusive effortlessly optimizes your workflow and your profitability.

Hum along at optimum capacity.

By seeing how many ROs are in progress and what’s waiting, you can easily slot in more new jobs as Capacity counts down the hours until the next tech is free. Each green dot represents one billed hour with the open spaces showing room for future work. Customers get their repairs done sooner, earning you more five-star reviews. Everyone is happy when you have realistic and tangible expectations for existing work, keeping the shop full while balancing optimum speed of service to customers.

Take tech efficiency to a new level.

Get the most out of every tech by tracking live billable and available hours, keeping staff super productive. By seeing every job in progress as an empty or full green dot, there’s no doubt about when you can add or reassign a job to accomplish more each day. Everyone leaves work knowing they’ve had a full, rewarding day.

Hit above your weight.

When you use every minute and hour more productively, you can bill more than 100% into your day. A quote may say “one hour,” but by squeezing it into 45 minutes and using Capacity, the next job can slip in to fill that extra time.

When you combine that insight with the ability to identify and prioritize the highest-value work, you open up your shop for new levels of profit. It’s easy when each workflow card represents live billable hours on each RO and the amount of work in the shop.

Become deadly accurate.

Use your mental energy to problem solve a repair, not to try to follow a paper trail of all the jobs in the shop. All work visualizations support tooltips to see exact billed hours and dollar amounts without having to add up hours or transfer notes or billing from more than one source.

Errors, and the time to fix them, costs you money. Take away the guesswork and let the seamless transfer of data make you look and feel more in control of your day.

See the full pipeline.

Keeping track of every job by talking with techs and checking in with customers can eat up valuable time. Next thing you know, you’ve got a tech sitting there, waiting for parts, when they could be generating new billing. Make both of you more effective by using the “Repair Order Quickview” which summarizes all of the work in progress by status, including car counts and GP dollars, to analyze the pipeline at any given moment.

Never miss your targets again.

One bad day can set you back, especially when you cannot see how many hours you need to catch up and get back on track. Thanks to the daily capacity gauge, you can easily see how well the shop is loaded for its daily target – before you fall behind. This holds your team accountable for who is contributing and who is slowing you down.

The weekly capacity gauge also highlights how well the shop is producing for your longer-term targets. Since it’s visual, it’s clear to everyone where you stand and where you can fit in more work.

With Capacity, you get more done with less human effort. With unquestionable shop performance metrics presented via on-screen graphics, staff sees the information needed to manage individual technician and overall shop workload, flow, and capacity. While this information is common, the display’s design, information hierarchy, and real-time updates are the first of their kind.

Technical instructions and detailed information on the Capacity release can be found here.

Shop-Ware Auto Repair Software Customer Testimonial

“Shop-Ware is the only choice. If you’re wanting to be with a company, that’s the leader in the industry, it’s going to help shops not only survive, but improve their business, improve the perception of the industry, improve their relationships with their clients. And it’s going to be at an automated level.”

Brin Kline, Owner of Assured Auto Works in Melbourne, Florida

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