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Automotive Repair Fleet Management Software

Shop-Ware’s cutting-edge fleet management software tools speed up the process of managing fleet automotive repair business. Sell faster, deliver faster, and profit faster with our advanced fleet management capabilities.

Benefits of Fleet Management using consolidated customer contacts

When it comes to managing fleet business, there are seemingly endless customer contacts to keep track of. While one person may handle vehicle drop off and pick up, another manages billing and payments.  Now you can simply fleet management with Shop-Ware’s auto repair software. Keep track of multiple contacts within each fleet customer account, making it easy to communicate with different individuals and streamline the complex process of managing fleet vehicle repairs.

Elevate fleet customer accounting with Shop-Ware’s advanced tools

Simplify billing and accounts receivable with Shop-Ware’s fleet management capabilities. One of the biggest challenges shops face when managing fleet auto repair business is accounting. Batching billing for customers and managing accounts receivable can get pretty complicated. With Shop-Ware’s advanced fleet management tools, the process just got a whole lot easier.

Shop-Ware has a built-in Accounts Receivable report, displaying detailed financial information at a glance. Even better, this report can be filtered by ‘fleet’ customer type with the click of a button, making it easier than ever before to see where you stand when it comes to fleet customer payments.

Eliminate mistakes with auto repair software workflows

Managing fleet automotive repair business is tricky. Service advisors are responsible for managing detailed and complicated customer communications. Technicians are tasked with working hard for these customers in the bay with minimal errors. There are plenty of areas where mistakes can be made.

Shop-Ware’s fleet management tools help take the headache out of fleet vehicle repair and help eliminate mistakes. With these tools, customers will appear as ‘fleet’ when viewing an RO, so shop staff is able to quickly recognize these customers when referencing a particular job. Our automotive repair software delivers more visibility and clarity, so everyone is on the same page from start to finish when it comes to their fleet management solution.

Provide excellent customer service and fix fleets faster

Maximize your fleet auto repair business with Shop-Ware’s tools.  Time is money, and the faster you’re able to fix fleet vehicles, with minimal oversights and seamless communication, the more business your auto repair shop is going to get. Ditch the manual workarounds and eliminate errors with Shop-Ware’s seamless fleet management tools.

Shop-Ware Auto Repair Software Customer Testimonial

“Tech satisfaction is up. Productivity is up. The past way we were doing it, we were very unproductive and now sales are up.”

Mark Mckeen, Owner of Auto Service and Tire

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