How to Make Money in Auto Repair

Unlock the secrets to optimize your Gross Profit and achieve greater success in your business.


Numbers drive your auto repair business, so get clear, timely data when you need it, how you need it. See how many cars, hours and dollars are determining your future and your profitability. The sooner you see the peaks and valleys in your auto repair shop analytics, the sooner you can react and get back on track.

Review high-level KPIs instantly.

Shop-Ware’s shop management software collects and compares your data, in real time, then makes it available on any device, anywhere. Log in from home or catch up while on the road to stay abreast of the business.

Check your stats against last week, last month, or last year with a few clicks. You set up how the metrics appear so you can tell at a glance where you stand. Then you can go deeper for a more detailed review.

Here are some of the areas where Shop-Ware Auto Repair Analytics shine a spotlight:

  • Services – See your 10 least efficient and 10 most efficient services within seconds
  • Recommendation approval rate – Shop owners get a sense of how much they’re really closing without relying on old-school paper-and-pen records.
  • Car count – Track how many cars come and go to gauge how much you grow.
  • Gross profit – Follow every dollar and cent to see how much they add up in your favor.
  • Average ticket $ amount – This telling statistic gives you insights into where to focus more time and energy.

For MSOs, any of these stats can be sliced and diced by location. Compare multiple shops at a glance to determine each one’s performance and profits. See which shops make you the most money, then dig into the financials to see why. Easily determine where you can make changes to bring other locations up to speed.

Get in front of problems.

Find out where you’re winning and where you’re losing ground before your month ends. By tracking efficiency every day, you keep your finger on the pulse of your auto repair shop. This way, you can foresee shortfalls before they arise and pivot to recover mid-stream.

These three analytics highlight some of the areas most integral to your success:

  • Staff – Learn the exact approval rate and productivity of every staff member.
  • Customers – Get great intel to know your supporters even better. Assess new vs. repeat customer data, ARO per customer, and customer source, such as Yelp, direct mail, referral, SEO/website, repeat, signage/drive by, and more.
  • Parts – See the numbers behind the sales, cost, and profit per vendor.

Give staff the auto repair analytics they need to succeed.

You and your team are in it to win. By following who is thriving and why, you can set an example for the entire staff. Relying on the numbers allows you to fairly assess – and share – what’s working. 

Take the guesswork out of who did what when. For example, Duration of Service serves as a universal metric applicable to any size, number of staff members, or service mix. It measures the amount of time it takes to get a car through the shop then calculates time per invoice down to the minute.

As a pure measure of time, Duration of Service perfects traditional profitability metrics. It helps you understand the rate of your profits and, ultimately, improve that rate to make more money. We even track these steps:

  • Check-in – RO started, technician yet to clock on
  • Wrenching – Technician clocks on
  • Admin – Work paused (seeking parts, customer approval, etc.)
  • Finalizing – Tech clocks job as complete, work order remains open
  • Parked – Job closed, vehicle not picked up yet

Empower your shop with transparency via auto repair analytics so everyone invests in your overall success!

Ready to grow or specialize?

If you are thinking of specializing, with Shop-Ware, you can easily view your revenue and GP by make:

analytics give insights into auto repair shop marketing

Our Advanced Auto Repair Analytics can help you see opportunities for growth into more shops or new client bases. Ask us about how to tap into the numbers that will help you reach your greatest potential.

Shop-Ware Auto Repair Software Customer Testimonial

“We’re a very data-driven business. That keeps us with Shop-Ware. We can see the trends and I like pulling up auto repair analytics data on my phone. It’s a godsend.”

Dave Markert, Owner at True Automotive Group

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