Zap New Energy into Processes via Automotive Software

At Shop-Ware, we pride ourselves on making friends with the best in the automotive industry. That includes working with shops that use software for automotive to lead the pack in terms of vision and success.

We love aligning ourselves with other businesses who help them succeed by integrating their programs into our shop management software.

Last year, we teamed up with Zapier to offer our shop owners an easy way to tap into thousands of integrations, from accounting to social media. Users who set up a Zap save an average of four hours in their first week.

If you seek to automate your work – fast – look no further than Shop-Ware + Zapier.

How Zapier and Shop-Ware save you time

Shop-Ware already provides a powerful, complete shop management system that allows you to run your business more efficiently. With the ability to integrate with many of your favorite third-party tools, you can get more down in way less time.

Have you ever wished that you could connect your accounting software to your work order more easily? That’s what Zapier does between more than 5,000 different apps, including Shop-Ware.

Zapier automates the connections between a variety of apps used to run your auto repair shop software. You set up the triggers and actions, then Zapier does the rest.

Zapier creates Zaps to work with Shop-Ware's automotive software and make shops more efficient

In other words, it keeps the conversation flowing between your various business functions, just like web-based auto repair software does. Even better, it does it without having to write or understand code.

Shop-Ware users can customize automated processes with Zapier’s available applications, from email to social media and so much more. The Shop-Ware and Zapier integration team up to save you time:

  • Add a contact automatically to a CRM system every time shops create or update a customer in Shop-Ware.

  • Send a welcome email when a new customer is created in Shop-Ware

  • Segment customer email communications based on ARO

  • Create a repair order in Shop-Ware once a customer books a new appointment

  • Send a text message when an appointment is updated in Shop-Ware.

  • Repeat your Instagram post on Facebook and Twitter at the same time.

Zapier integrates with Shop-Ware's automotive software to make shops more efficient

Get ready to say “goodbye” to manual processes and stacks of paper if you haven’t done so already. The future of mobile mechanic software relies less on your printer and more on your talent to solve problems.

Having programs talking to each other also creates even better customer service, especially if you can use Shop-Ware’s live chat function.

How Bill benefits from Zapier within his automotive software

Bill DeBoer, owner of DeBoer’s auto, uses Shop-Ware + Zapier to simplify his marketing efforts rather than relying on a marketing agency. In his daily shop operations, he can create or update customer Information in Shop-Ware and have it flow seamlessly into HubSpot with a simple Zap.

From there, he has set up workflows in HubSpot, based on the data coming over from Shop-Ware. For instance, if he enters a new customer into Shop-Ware, it triggers a first-time customer follow-up marketing email in HubSpot, all with a simple Zap.

Bill Deboer praises how Zapier's program works with automotive software and his auto repair CRM

“The benefit of the Shop-Ware/Zapier integration is the streamlining of the time it takes to get quality information over to HubSpot,” Bill says. “That’s in addition to the increased data points that are transferred from Shop-Ware to HubSpot.”

“It is invaluable to me to have this data in my marketing machine.”

As a result, he eliminated the need for marketing firms and list uploads, plus made sure he always worked with the latest data with Shop-Ware + Zapier.

Work faster, not harder

Zapier unlocks your shop’s data so your staff can quickly and easily work with hundreds of applications at once. You simply cannot do this with traditional, localized on-premise shop management systems.

To find out more, our friends at Zapier have created this handy guide to how Zapier works with Shop-Ware.

The sky’s the limit with Shop-Ware + Zapier. The more you explore, the more ways you can find to use this union to match your shop’s unique needs.

You can also take one minute to watch this video showing how to use Zapier with Shop-Ware.

To take advantage of this integration, Shop-Ware subscribers must also sign up with Zapier. Once subscribers have a Zapier account, they simply contact [email protected] for an API key and password to get started.

We would be happy to connect with you for a free automotive software demo to show you even more benefits to our partnership. After all, your success leads to our industry being more vibrant than ever!

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