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Why Transparency in Auto Repair Matters

Customers have always demanded transparency in auto repair. Now more than ever, though, customers insist that they know exactly what goes on with their vehicles. How your automotive technicians handle that need can make all the difference in the success of your repair shop.

Customers want transparency not only in the pricing of repair services but in the actual services that are performed. Shop management software can bridge that gap and show the work that done on each vehicle.

Transparency Equals Integrity to Many Customers

If you are anything less than forthcoming with a customer, it tends to look like you have something to hide. Even unintentional efforts can look unprofessional, misleading, or as if you are keeping information from them about their vehicle.

However, technology allows technicians to send photo and video evidence of the work that they do for customer review. This kind of service changes the game.

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How Digital Shop Management Software Can Help

Digital shop management software can do a number of things for your repair business. It helps you stay organized and even track your performance. When you aim to improve service through increased transparency, tracking your results makes all the difference in your success. A variety of reporting tools and analytics make it easy for you to track the metrics surrounding your efforts in increasing transparency, depending on the shop management software that you currently use.

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Turn to Experts When You Need Them

If you’re ready to change the way that your shop does business and give people the speed and solutions that they deserve, contact Shop-Ware today. Our digital experience prepares your repair shop to provide transparent, efficient service to all customers, increasing your profits and reducing your operating costs and wasted expenses.

With our responsive, mobile-friendly design, you can engage with customers instantly on their devices. Customers receive repair approvals digitally and approve them in no time, cutting back on outbound calls. Our digital workflow helps reduce human effort and eliminates mistakes. You will get cars through faster, saving you time and increasing your bottom line.

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