Monique Mondragon holding up a wrench while smiling

Why Monique LOVES the Power of Shop Management Software

Monique Mondragon walked into Luscious Garage with one mission: Sell the owner on the shop management software she was promoting at the time. Little did she know how her life would change in the next few moments.

Soon, the shop owner – one Carolyn Coquillette – was showing Monique the

she had created. Instead, Monique became sold on the product in front of her.

“I saw her vision and the level of innovation. I wanted to sell the system that I thought would be the winner, which was Shop-Ware,” Monique recalls.

Six years later, she has led the sales team through tremendous growth and innovations. Now, she trains the next generation of reps who help shop owners use auto repair software to make more profit.

If you’ve met Monique Mondragon at a trade show, you’ll remember her smile and her energy. But do you know how she shaped this business in her role of selling our shop management system?

Monique Mondragon holding up a wrench while smiling

Truly a people person

Monique grew up in Colorado and ended up working in sales for the healthcare industry. She was looking for a change when she applied for a job at an auto supply company. As it happens, it had just added software to its menu. As a result, Monique started visiting auto repair shops to show its features to shop owners.

That’s when her first software company lost her to Shop-Ware.

Once she signed on with Carolyn, Monique brought in 80% of Shop-Ware’s new customers in her first two-and-a-half years. She still stays motivated by seeing customers succeed and grow thanks to this shop management software.

She describes her superpower as “showing love to everyone.”

“I love to talk with people,” Monique says. “I’m like a chameleon that adapts to different people.”

She admits that she sometimes speaks with auto repair shop owners – and other people in her life – without a filter. However, she always has their best interests in mind.

Recently, she spoke on the Auto Shop Owners’ Group (ASOG) Podcast about how she thrives on helping people in shops.

For example, she often has candid conversations with shop owners. For example, she points out that paying for a year of Shop-Ware equals the amount a customer pays for one engine job. Monique invites them to compare the time shops save and the dollars they earn by putting Shop-Ware into their shops. In short, the argument over cost just doesn’t add up.

“You have to make friends with some of your customers. Only then can you truly understand what’s going on, how you improve and what you’re delivering,” Monique says. “When you really become friends, I learn from you about what we could do better and that’s really important.”

Monique Mondragon training a customer on shop management software

Making the shop management software even better

Over the years, Monique has had a “huge voice” in some of the changes to the shop management system. She began showing Shop-Ware’s auto repair software to shop owners while it was still in its infancy. At the time, it didn’t even offer eCommerce ordering yet. Since then, it has vaulted past its competitors to offer elements that no one else offers.

“It’s exciting,” Monique says. “What separates us from our competitors are the innovative functionality that we provide.”

She lists her favorite features as:

Tap into Monique’s top tips for getting ahead of problems thanks to analytics.

Most of all, she likes the Parts GP Optimizer since it makes more money for shops on every transaction. It more than pays for Shop-Ware.”

“That’s the thing,” Monique says. “When they make more money, they can hire more people and have more time. Those are things they couldn’t get from any other shop management system. Those are the things that they can only get from Shop-Ware.”

Getting out to talk shop

Likewise, Monique has also seen events grow since 2016. She recalls her first trade show with Shop-Ware, where no one knew what its auto repair software did. Now, people stop by the booth because their shop owner friends tell them how Shop-Ware is improving all areas of its shop management software.

Even with Monique’s new role as a trainer, you’ll still see her at shows and events.

“I couldn’t work in a Shop-Ware department that doesn’t connect with shop owners,” she says.

When she is not working, Monique likes to spend time with her family. As a result, she aims to help shop owners do the same rather than work on the books after hours.

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