Brian Herman offers help with auto repair SMS


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Why Brian Delights in Offering Help with Auto Repair SMS

Have you ever called a support line and felt relief when you finally get the answer you need? Everything just clicks and the clouds clear from your mind as you get help with auto repair software. It feels just as good for pros like Brian Herman when that magic happens.

“I enjoy watching people’s eyes light up or voice pick up when they learn something,” Brian says. “I like what I do: helping and teaching people. I find it very rewarding and that’s important to me since it means less stress for me and the customer.”

As a senior customer support specialist, he is one member of the team offering shop management software support. Thanks to people like Brian, shop staff and owners get the most out of Shop-Ware.

Brian Herman offers help with auto repair SMS

Experienced at help with auto repair SMS

Brian worked at ALLDATA diagnostic software for 19 years before the company eliminated his support and training department. He heard about an opening at Shop-Ware from a former colleague and leapt at the chance to work here.

He arrived just as the company was starting to grow quickly and loved the innovative, startup culture. At the time, he worked closely with Tommy Scampoli, Shop-Ware’s first employee.

At first, the job seemed similar in nature:

  • Identify what’s not working for the customer
  • Fix it if you can by working with them
  • Take it to the engineering team if you cannot

However, the culture functioned in a whole different way. Brian met founder and CEO Carolyn Coquillette when he started and had dinner with her. They met again just last week when she dropped into Sacramento for another staff dinner.

“It’s cool to know you can get in touch with her,” Brian says. “That makes you feel like part of a team, not just an employee.”

Brian Herman and the team that helps with auto repair SMS

Motivated by sharing shop management software support

He also enjoys how Shop-Ware’s system constantly improves to better serve auto shop customers every month. In particular, he admires how shops can interact with customers with photos, videos, notes and other updates.

Delivering help with auto repair software motivates him more than any other part of the job. “I enjoy troubleshooting and when you find a good answer for a customer,” he says.

He also notes that Shop-Ware’s automotive shop software is easy to use, especially compared to other programs.

His coworkers also value his patience and thoroughness. “I enjoy training,” Brian says. “It’s been part of every job I’ve ever done. I like to deep dive into what I’m doing.”

He learned his approach based on a boss who took a different path. Brian remembers being chastised for repeating a question he had asked six months earlier, having not used the information since.

“I swore I would never do that if someone asked me a question,” Brian says. “It helped me remember that we all had to start somewhere. If I ever get annoyed, I think back on that and explain it in a different way until it clicks.”

Within the shop management software support team, Brian encourages his colleagues to take advantage of the resources available to them.

“There are a lot of knowledgeable, helpful coworkers here and documentation available,” he adds. “I work with an awesome team.”

Off the clock

Outside of work, Brian prides himself as a craft beer enthusiast who has tried more than 1,200 different brews.

He also follows NASCAR and stock car racing on local tracks and the big ones too.

At home, he plays acoustic and electric guitar. His favorite music is classic country, with songs by Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson and Ernest Tubb.

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