Looking for ways to demonstrate your auto repair shop's compassion this holiday season? We’re serving up five fun ideas.


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Top 5 Ways to Show You Care in Auto Care this Holiday

Shop-Ware prides itself on helping you build a better rapport with your auto repair shop’s customers. Usually, we do this by providing shop management software to communicate more clearly and efficiently. Like you, we put a lot of heart into our business and want to show that level of caring over the holidays.

Looking for ways to demonstrate your compassion this holiday season? We’re serving up these five ideas:

Simplify Their Shopping

Face it, not everyone loves to hit the mall and empty their wallets. For the pragmatists among us, giving loved ones the gift of a tuneup is one way of saying, “I love you.”

Your shop can bundle some additional services to make it merrier. Throw in a new set of wipers with an oil change to spread some extra holiday cheer.

Give Back as an Auto Repair Group

‘Tis the season for toy drives and food collections. While charities get flooded with donations in December, your business can help by offering support in the weeks that follow.

Whatever you choose, have fun with it:

  • Run a raffle for a toy car or a customer’s next oil change
  • Team up with a charity to accept donations while challenging businesses nearby to see who can bring in the most goodies
  • Designate a portion of the proceeds from a specific service to a charity that speaks to your business

Deck the Halls (or the Waiting Room) with Decorations

Get festive with the public areas of your auto repair shop by adding a tree and some tinsel. Again, have fun and reflect the joy of the season. It will brighten the day all who enter your shop.

Try to place your interior display near a window, so passersby can see your decor as well. You can string some lights or put an inflatable display out front if you’d like. Consider having your front-line staff in festive attire during the holiday season. Fun hats and reindeer antlers make great accessories.

For all these ideas, don’t be shy about sharing them via social media to show off your holiday spirit.

Say ‘Thank You’ With Small Gifts

It’s the season of giving, so consider giving out a small promotional item to keep your business top of mind. Everyone is making lists at this time of year, so a branded notebook makes a great gift.

The more practical you can be, the better. A nice pen, coffee/tea samples, mobile phone popsockets, carabiners, or small packets of sweets or hand sanitizer are all welcomed.

Extend the Joy to Your Staff

Happy workers send good vibes throughout the building, so support your auto repair technicians during this busy season. Consider flexing your shop’s shifts so employees can get their to-do lists completed. ”

Everyone is carrying more of a burden – financial or logistical – at this time of year. If you can offer a bonus or a year-end raise, share that information in December so they know there is a little more money coming in to help with their bills.

It’s been a challenging year for many families and businesses, so let’s spread some cheer. You’ll find all of these five items easier to achieve when you have an efficient shop management software system powering your shop. By taking some of the stress out of your daily operations, we hope to help you have a great holiday season.

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