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Tie Texts to the Best Auto Repair Software to Save Time

Marketing for small businesses, like your auto shop, has changed drastically thanks to its integration with the best auto repair software. In the past, your shop may have relied on billboards, newspaper ads or phone calls.

Today, technological advancements have made it much easier to connect with customers. Shop management software’s text marketing effectively gets your message across while strengthening your connection to clients. In fact, the average opening rate for SMS marketing is 98% and response rates are up to 295% higher than phone call responses.

Keep reading for an in-depth look at why you should implement text marketing via shop management software for your auto shop.

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Ways Automated Text Saves Time for the Front End

Automated text takes the strengths of text marketing and allows you to benefit from them at scale. With the right automotive diagnostic and repair software, your shop can use automated text marketing for:

Appointment Reminders Connected to the Best Auto Repair Software

No one wants to forget regular car maintenance or an upcoming service appointment. Despite this, it’s all too easy for life to get in the way. When it does, your customers could easily forget about their plans until it’s too late.

While you can’t prevent your clients from running into delays, you can remind them when they have an appointment soon.

By using options that work with auto repair software, this process feels effortless. It takes the responsibility off of your staff to call and instead sends automated reminder texts to customers.

Promotions and Sales

Offering coupons and promotions attracts customers, however, providing opportunities to save money is only half the battle. You’ll also need to make sure your clients can take advantage of them.

That’s where automated text comes in. Thanks to the high read rates associated with texting, almost everyone who gets these messages will see them. That increases the likelihood that they’ll actually get to benefit from your deals.

Soliciting Feedback

Businesses rely on feedback to ensure they’re doing everything they can to best serve their customers. An automated text message easily asks customers for their thoughts.

There are all sorts of ways automated texts can help you solicit customer feedback via automotive diagnostic and repair software. Depending on your needs, you could ask yes or no questions or include a link to a more detailed survey.

Ways Automated Text Saves Time for Service Advisors

Clearly, automated text comes with countless benefits for your customers and front-end employees. Still, you might not know that it can be just as helpful for your technicians as auto repair diagnostic software.

Though technicians don’t remind clients of upcoming services, they’ll appreciate the increased productivity that text reminders can create.

Additionally, your Service Advisors can respond to any issues that come to light through customer feedback when rescheduling. That way, they can improve their level of service and boost your business’ reputation.

Invoice text that works with the best auto repair software

Updating Progress of Repairs

It’s no secret that customers appreciate updates on their car repairs – and how annoyed they get when they don’t. However, sending updates on repairs can eat up time for Service Advisors, forcing them to stop their workflow.

Automated texting software can help your Service Advisor send repair status updates to customers as quickly as possible. Your customers will be happy with the improved feedback while your Service Advisors will spend less time sending these updates.

A Time-Saving Solution Within Your Auto Repair Software

Despite the benefits of automated texts, some solutions cost too much or are too complex to work for independent auto shops like yours. That’s where AutoVitals comes in, especially with its integration with Shop-Ware.

AutoVitals offers affordable software that integrates automated text for you, making it a cinch to introduce this highly effective marketing method. Along with automated text, AutoVitals can help with:

  • Digital vehicle inspection
  • CRM
  • Loyalty Management
  • Workflow management

AutoVitals uses digital marketing solutions to help auto repair shops increase car count and drive profitable growth. If you’re ready to uplevel your business, it’s time to set up a demo.

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