The Top 5 Review Sites Where to List Your Auto Shop

Online customer reviews are essential for businesses of all types. Auto shops, in particular, can benefit from having a solid online presence and being listed on review sites.

Review sites allow customers to share their experiences with local businesses. This can help you attract new customers, improve web traffic and boost your online reputation which all tie in with your automotive shop software.

Here, we will discuss auto shops’ most popular business review sites and explain why car buyers gravitate towards them. We will also provide tips for creating a business profile on these sites and keeping it up to date.

Why are business reviews important for auto shops?

There are a few reasons why customer reviews are critical for local businesses, but they are especially beneficial for auto shops. This article goes more in-depth on why you should care about online reviews, but here is a quick summary.

They help you grow your business

Multiple reviews make your business information more visible online in any local search. You can also display reviews on your business website, showcasing your expertise. This attracts consumers looking for professional services, making your shop more profitable.

How to make your auto repair shop more profitable

Review sites get the attention of potential customers

Positive customer reviews show potential new customers that your business is reputable and trustworthy! You can also post reviews on your social media pages to brag about your services.

Review sites can help you improve your business

Negative comments are an opportunity to make necessary changes to your business. Whenever a customer leaves a negative review, use the feedback to improve the customer experience.

Review sites help you keep more customers

Customers are more likely to return to businesses that have positive customer reviews. Interact with happy customers, so they feel comfortable as return customers. It’s also critical to respond to negative reviews to see how you can resolve the customer’s problem.

Review sites boost your online reputation and SEO

Businesses with positive customer reviews are more likely to appear in search results, leading to more visitors to your business website.

SEO for auto repair shops

The Top 5 Review Sites You Should Be On Today!

Now that we’ve gone over why customer reviews are essential, let’s discuss where you should build a business listing. The following five business review websites prove the most beneficial for your business account.

Each business review site has its unique benefits, but they all provide an opportunity for customers online that wish to provide feedback to large and small businesses. Let’s look at the best review sites for your auto repair business.


SureCritic is a customer site that helps businesses gather reviews and manage customer feedback. It is an excellent site for small businesses because it offers the option to send customers follow-up emails after their visit, making it easy to encourage them to review and visit your online listings.

Like most popular review websites, it offers a five-star rating system that improves your visibility in search results.

Google Business Profile

A Google Business Profile is a free business listing that appears on search results when customers wish to read Google reviews about your business. It displays your business information, such as name, address, phone number, hours of operation, and website, and, of course, collects reviews.

Creating a Google Business Profile is quick and easy and helps improve your search engine rankings. It is considered the quintessential review site for local businesses, as Google reviews usually rank first in search engine results.


Unlike other online business review sites, RepairPal offers repair estimates and customer reviews for local auto shops. It is also excellent for customers doing research in the car buying process.


AutoMD is a site that stands out from other business review websites by offering repair advice, step-by-step guides, dealership reviews, and cost estimates. It is an excellent resource for a do-it-yourselfer or anyone looking to learn more about auto repair.

Mechanic Advisor

Mechanic Advisor is another customer review site specifically for auto shops. It allows search for local businesses, their services, and customer reviews. Its search engine makes it easy for customers to find the perfect shop.

Best practices for creating your profiles on review sites

Now that we’ve gone over the top five business review websites for auto shops, let’s discuss the best practices for creating a business account and getting more reviews.

If you want more customer reviews and to improve local search engine rankings, first create a profile on the top review websites listed above, as well as a Facebook page. The process is quick and easy and only takes a few minutes to complete.

When creating your profile on customer review sites, include your business page, address, phone number, hours of operation, and website. Preferably, add photos and videos of your shop and staff.

To improve your chances of collecting reviews, you will want to use keywords throughout your profile to improve your local SEO.

Finally, you will want to keep your review website profiles and business information up-to-date. This includes adding new content, updating hours of operation and contact information, and encouraging customers to leave reviews on your business listing

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Shop-Ware + Broadly = A Winning Combo For Your Shop

By following these best practices, you can ensure that your auto shop appears on the top review sites so potential customers can easily find and contact you. However, while having a solid online presence is essential for your local business, it’s not the only thing that matters. If your operations are inefficient and your customer service lacks, consumer reviews won’t help.

Fortunately, auto repair software and other tools can help you streamline shop management and reputation management, making small businesses more efficient and productive.

Broadly offers a suite of tools designed specifically for auto shops, including appointment scheduling, email campaigns, business website design and online review site management. Shop-Ware provides several features to support shops, including auto parts inventory management software, technician scheduling, and customer relationship management.

Using these automotive shop software tools, you can scale your business without needing to hire a bunch of additional staff. So if you’re looking for a sure-fire path to optimize your auto repair business, streamlining shop management and reputation management is the way to go.

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