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The State of Hiring Automotive Techs & Where to Find Them

A great automotive technician is hard to find, and it’s only going to get harder. Our industry, among many others, is struggling to recruit and retain qualified technicians. The labor shortage that began after the pandemic continues, and filling open roles is becoming increasingly more difficult. Even if you do get applicants, the problem of ghosting is growing.

If your shop has been ghosted, you might need to change your hiring tactics to find the best people, like reverse job posts. Are you ready for a new approach? We’ll outline a few things you must remember as you try to find the most qualified techs.

Locating the right talent

In the search to find qualified technicians, crafting compelling job postings is essential. These postings serve as the initial point of contact for potential candidates and play a crucial role in attracting the right talent.

To create job postings that resonate with technicians it’s vital to consider their perspective. Job boards in any given geographic area are filled with listings, presenting technicians with numerous options that all tend to look alike. To stand out in this competitive field, shop owners and managers must differentiate themselves from the multitude of employers seeking the same talent.

This can include offering innovative shop management software, but it also hinges on key factors like using clear and straightforward job titles, highlighting the unique aspects of the shop to attract candidates, detailing all job responsibilities to eliminate surprises during interviews, specifying required qualifications, including salary information, and streamlining the application process to make it efficient and appealing to potential hires.

By adhering to these principles, businesses can enhance their chances of attracting qualified technicians who are not only interested in the role but are also more likely to thrive in the working environment. Creating a standout job posting can be a vital step toward securing top talent in the automotive industry.

Avoid ghosting

Finding the right talent is one thing, but how do you keep them interested? Maintaining an authentic process and keeping techs engaged by having current employees or a recruiter share exciting things about your shop can help.

Trusting an all on one platform solution

WrenchWay is a convenient platform that simplifies the process for technicians, service advisors, students, and instructors to discover and connect with the finest automotive repair shops. It brings the automotive industry community together: Top Shops streamlines the job search process for technicians, while School Connect facilitates communication between shops and educational institutions. Additionally, WrenchWay empowers technicians and industry professionals by providing a platform for sharing insights and participating in industry-related discussions and events.

Next Steps

Once you have your core team of automotive techs, do you have the right software for your shop to retain them? They want to be proud of where they work. Learn more about what Shop-Ware can do to improve efficiency, simplify your technicians’ workflow and make them look great to your customers!

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