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Text and Chat Within Your Auto Repair Software. Customers LOVE It!

We live in a time when seeing really is believing. And people use their smartphones to see, whether it’s via TikTok videos or emojis to express themselves. So, it makes sense for your auto repair software to also ‘talk’ the way most people do.

Just think about how people shop for other goods and services. They go online, see what they want from various angles, ask a series of questions then commit to buying. Those new habits have grown – and stuck – since lockdowns started in spring 2020.

And that’s how we’ve enhanced our shop management software with the evolution of DVX™.

How does this work with auto repair software?

Yes, you will always have customers who like to drop in or call to tell you what sound their car makes. But those interactions are becoming fewer and fewer. The way we communicate is undergoing a major shift and businesses who adapt are the ones who will survive.

That’s why we have added a communication stream that mimics those used by major retailers. However, we have designed ours just for auto repair software.

Screen shot of a Messenger conversation with a client

The Messenger platform within Shop-Ware offers a live chat function once you open a repair order with a customer. From there, you can share photos and videos to create undeniable proof that you need to fix the problem. Customers can reply on their phones or desktops, making it quick to get approvals or answer questions.

With auto repair software supported by DVX, they also get a full set of notes so they can go deeper. Some people will want to dig in to make sure they must spend the money. Once they get that comfort level, they often spend more than you suggest.

The numbers tell the story

Texting has become a way of life so we are embracing it as another way to stay in touch with customers. The Two-Way Texting function in DVX arises right out of our shop management system.

The first message sends a link to the RO, beginning a thread to keep everyone up to date.

blogimage text 98%

If anyone on your team remains in denial about the power of texting, show them these numbers:

  • 97% of Americans own a cellphone. That includes 92% of seniors whose families have pushed them to adopt this new technology. Texting now reaches every generation.
  • 89% of phone users read text messages within 30 minutes. Even better, 10% of them respond within 10 seconds, 26% within a minute, and 34% in less than five minutes.

More than half of consumers lean towards making a purchase via a text message with images. Texts create a sense of urgency. Plus, setting customers’ eyes on a problem they can solve gives them a feeling of control.

Overall, “customers see texting as a more trusted, personal way to communicate,” 99 Firms, who provided these statistics.

Texting within DVX also empowers people to tag team over a repair. They can forward the text to their spouse or the insurance company. When you clearly highlight the condition of the vehicle, they can now make an informed decision.

Tablet and smartphones screens showing an auto repair bill

Bringing it all together

No matter how you reach out to customers, all text and messenger exchanges end up in one place – merging into one thread. You can easily go back and read the dialog in order to see how it unfolded. Not only does that make it seamless for both parties, but it also makes it crystal clear.

And it gets even better!

  • Customers can text your shop using a 10-digit number. That means they can ask about hours or random questions and get a quick reply on their screens.
  • Shops can start a text thread with a customer without opening an RO. Utilize the Direct Message channel within Shop-Ware. You get to choose how to communicate!
  • Set up permissions for any of these functions with the click of a button. Add this role to a new service advisor with no fuss.
  • See a bubble when someone is typing a reply to your message and a checkmark when one is sent.

Shop-Ware makes it easy for any person in your shop to talk with customers, depending on how you run your business. We have added these features due to popular demand and are always evolving along with the times to help you do the same.

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