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Take Your Auto Shop to the Next Level with Remote Payments

To compete in today’s marketplace, businesses must be operating at maximum efficiency using the latest technology. It’s not enough to provide quality service at a competitive price.

Consumers are always looking for convenience and ease with each transaction they make and if your auto repair shop management system isn’t offering that, they may look elsewhere the next time they need a tune up.

Remote Pay for Stellar Auto Repair Shop Customer Service

When it comes to transacting, consumers prefer to take the easy route. They want to be able to see an itemized list of all charges at a glance and check out as quickly as possible. When it comes to automotive repair, shop customers have enough to digest and figure out.

Auto repair shops can take some of the headache out by offering a quick and painless checkout process. Work smarter not harder by offering remote payment options rather than just collecting credit card payments over the phone or in person.

Remote Pay Powered by Shop-Ware’s Auto Shop Management System

With Shop-Ware’s 360 Payments integration, collecting payments remotely is easier than ever before. Our auto repair software allows shops to collect customer payment right from the online repair order, which can easily be sent by text or email. Whether a customer is at home on their laptop or on the go using their mobile phone, they will get a real-time notification that your auto shop has requested payment from them and will be able to see all the details.

This isn’t just a convenience, in today’s marketplace, it is a necessity. Customers are used to this checkout experience with the other mainstream service providers they use day to day. Auto repair shops offering simple and convenient eCommerce solutions will be able to keep up with the times and have an edge in the very competitive market we’re living in.

Remote Pay

Collecting Down Payments with Speed and Ease

So your shop already utilizes remote pay, but are you able to collect remote down payments that way as well? Is all the information available at a glance? Does down payment information record in your SMS and persist through other areas of your auto shop management system?

If you answered ‘no’ to at least one of those questions, it might be time to consider another automotive repair software. Shop-Ware’s user-friendly remote down payment collection system is not just seamless for the customer, it benefits shop staff, too. Employees can easily request a down payment with the click of a button, inputting a specific dollar amount, or letting the system automatically calculate a payment based on a percentage of the entire service cost.

From there, staff can see down payment status throughout the application, in a variety of important places, like their calendar view. This way they can see if an upcoming appointment has made their down payment before they start service.

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