Our customers report back on the gross profit gains they’ve made by using our real-time labor guide to save money and streamline their auto repair shop operations.

‘Smooth as Silk’ Shop Management Systems Generate More Profits

Everyone has work habits that provide a comfort zone in the midst of a busy day at your shop. Naturally, you keep your tools in the same spots so you can instantly reach out for what you need.

What we have learned while developing shop management software is how much these patterns matter. According to GrowThink, a strategic advisory, having systems allows for:

  • improved and consistent performance;
  • you to quickly integrate new hires into your business;
  • you to easily come up with and implement new ideas;
  • an entrepreneur, manager, or owner to take more time off, and/or spend more time on higher value-add activities; and
  • dramatic increases in the equity value of your business.

Any design changes to our shop management systems aim to make your work easier and less hassle-free. That way, you can focus primarily on repairs. Updates also aim to earn you more profit.
With that in mind, we turned to some of the reviews from our customers to see what difference the Shop-Ware system has made to their businesses.

Freedom from shop management systems’ invoicing

“This program helped our shop move into this century with direct digital connectivity to clients,” says Sarah. “It has improved our shop flow and we find we are providing better, more focused service because we have freed ourselves from the drudgery of old, not very workable software.”

Meanwhile, Jordan finds previously onerous processes, such as preparing his quarterly state taxes, take only 10 minutes to export.

“For a one-man shop, this product saves me time,” he says. “I rarely spend any time on the phone now and writing estimates is as smooth as silk. Using Shop-Ware removes much of the stress in everyday business transactions.”

Transform Your Auto Repair Shop

Growth in auto shop repair orders

Erik found it easy to get new users up and running via any device with a web browser. Next, he scaled the number of users by leveraging his shop management systems.

“Shop-Ware was a game-changer for my business,” he says. “It has allowed me to focus on growing and streamlining my business and not fuss with hosting an in-house service, as I did before. I love the results we’re getting!!”

“Going paperless is liberating!” adds Brian. “The most impactful feature to our shop is the seamless communication between the advisor and customer. Having customers excited to approve work is fabulous. Often work is approved before our advisors reach the customer by phone!”

“Customers love it,” Micah agrees. “We even have customers who will view their repair orders and authorize repairs in the evenings or mornings when we are not open.”

Digital Vehicle Experience DVX

“It has improved productivity and customer satisfaction because of the capability to share information with the customers. Service writers and techs love it because of its simplicity and the learning curve is very quick.”

All-in-one automotive appointment scheduling and more

Having everything integrated on one platform sold Christian on switching over. “The complicated stuff is built-in so the operation is simple: digital inspections, RO photos, and videos, direct texting between the RO and the customer,” says Christian. “That means I saved money by dropping other standalone services.”

Since it’s cloud-based, he can access the platform from anywhere with internet access, thus expanding his ability to serve his customers. Also, recommendations that didn’t get approved on the last RO are saved and included for subsequent work orders, making the next upsell easier.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been this excited about a work software,” he adds.

Gross profit calculated every day

Meanwhile, Dean has seen his gross profit, average ticket, and upsells go up 25 percent or more. He also likes the accurate inventory, ease of use, and uncanny reception to customer input.

“I’m no spring chicken,” he says. “I’ve been in this industry for 32 years and have used every major software program out there.

And finally, Jacob found the remote payment option to be crucial during the pandemic. “The service history is easy to access and is laid out in a way that allows for speedy research of prior appointments,” he adds.

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