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Shop-Ware’s Leadership Revolutionizes the Automotive Shop Software Industry

A passion for shop management software has driven Shop-Ware right from its early days. Founder Carolyn Coquillette set out to create a new way to document and track the repair process. She did this for shop staff and the customers they rely on.

Carolyn was already a pioneer by focusing on hybrid and electric vehicles when she started developing software in her San Francisco shop. She spun off the software company on its own in 2015 and secured $15 million from investors in December 2020.

Shop-Ware has relentlessly won over new customers by leading the industry in innovation and customer experience since then. The company has grown its customer base by almost four times since spring 2020, . We went from serving more than 100 shops to more than 400!

And we’re not done yet. Shop-Ware pursues an assertive plan for growth in the coming years.

This Sunday, National Leadership Day, let’s celebrate the people who are helping you to grow your shops to new heights. Please join us in highlighting your successes with #NationalLeadershipDay.

This observance empowers and inspires people as a positive force of change. In Shop-Ware’s case, we work with shops to create better systems and larger profits. Every day, we measure our success by our customers’ success with a strong focus on the people behind the numbers.

MSO simplify life and become a talent magnet for auto repair techs

Building the Shop-Ware team

Carolyn has not taken Shop-Ware this far on her own. Last month, she celebrated a stellar 2021 with Travis Millard (finance), André Pimentel (customer success) Tyler Olmstead (technology), Joergen Larsen (engineering), Kathy Jorge (international operations) and Ryan D’Souza (revenue).

A series of strategic hirings has fueled the company’s ascent from startup to major player in the shop-management system market.

We have people who have been aboard since that first line of code was written (that’s you, Tyler!). Subsequently, others have brought industry and technical expertise with them. On top of the usual business titles, we have a Head of International Operations and a VP of Customer Success.

Yes, we like to keep things fresh and unorthodox!

In 2022, we will double our 67-member staff to keep pace with demands for a smart, intuitive shop management system. New resources will go into research and development to evolve faster than competitors with a continued focus on customers and workflow.

We are excited to reach the aggressive targets that we have set. Above all, we take a different approach. That means standing out as the leaders who can see the future clearly – and can get your shop there too. We have outlined our priorities to push our full executive team to help more shops and grow all our businesses.

More innovations in automotive shop software to come

More than two dozen projects fill our calendar in 2022. Out of those, five are designed to make life better for some of our biggest customers. Two others are based on customers’ suggestions to improve what we already offer. Meanwhile, another three enhance the product experience between shops and their customers.

As for the rest, you’ll just have to see as they roll out.

We take incredible pride in the entire team of people who work to build a better image and a smarter shop management system. Collectively, we will improve the lives of shop owners and their employees. You can meet the full team and see their smiles

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