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Shop-Ware Spotlight: Edmonds Import Auto Repair Shop in Palmer, Alaska

Today we’re shining the spotlight on Alaska-based, full-service repair shop, Edmonds Import Auto. The husband-and-wife team of Tobi and Kevin Edmonds own and run the shop. Over the years, it has established itself as the premier import auto repair shop in the area.

They added Shop-Ware’sshop management software to their garage in November 2018.

Meet Edmunds Import Auto

Tobi and Kevin first opened up shop in October of 2008. Before that, Tobi and Kevin each had a decade of automotive industry experience under their belts. Kevin was a VW/Audi/Isuzu technician, and Tobi was a Parts and Service Advisor.

Kevin’s auto repair background focused primarily on European and Asian vehicles, including VW, Audi, Mercedes, and Isuzu. He grew up maintaining and repairing cars, which became his true passion. Rumor has it that he actually bleeds engine oil.

On the other hand, Tobi worked with almost all vehicle manufacturers in the parts and service department. She began her automotive career in college, shipping and receiving for a Toyota dealer, and wound up developing her own passion for the industry.

Edmonds Import Auto is a NAPA AutoCare Center and Bosch Certified Service Center. The shop boasts several auto repair certifications, including ASE, BBB, and All of their technicians are ASE Certified and thoroughly experienced in auto repair and maintenance services.

Aside from providing an excellent auto repair service experience for her customers, Tobi also uses the success they’ve achieved as a local business to give back to their community. She also aims to provide guidance and encouragement to young people pursuing a career in the automotive repair industry.

* All images courtesy of Edmond’s Import Auto

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