Building auto repair estimates are the number-one time sink for shop staff. With our new Native Parts Catalog, Shop-Ware,s auto repair labor guide does the hard work for you.

Shop-Ware Releases Native Parts Catalog for Auto Repair Parts


SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA – Shop-Ware, the industry-leading shop management system with an end-to-end digital customer experience, has announced the release of its Native Parts Catalog for auto repair parts. This update allows users to review real-time parts fitment, pricing, and availability across multiple aftermarket parts distributors, all from within Shop-Ware’s platform.

“Building estimates is the number-one time sink for shop staff,” says Carolyn Coquillette, Founder & CEO of Shop-Ware’s shop management software.

“With our new Native Parts Catalog, Shop-Ware does the hard work for you. We connect all your vendors inside the repair order, so you can build accurate quotes in seconds instead of minutes.”

Shop-Ware subscribers to the Native Parts Catalog will benefit from the following features:

  • Review aftermarket parts fitment for all labor guide tasks
  • Compare live costs and availability across multiple vendors in one place
  • Filter parts by cost, brand, and availability
  • Check sell prices based on the shop’s local inventory and Optimizer® markup settings
  • Build quotes from aftermarket and OE catalogs
  • Add price-accurate quotes directly to the repair order
  • Place parts orders from the repair order with a single click
  • Bypass punchouts to separate eCommerce sites

The interface can be used anywhere: on desktop, mobile, and tablet.


The Takeaway

As a result, automotive technicians can access all this functionality right from the Shop-Ware platform. For Mobile/Diag and Startup subscribers, the add-on cost for the Native Parts Catalog is just $75/month.

For new subscribers to Shop-Ware’s Journey and Master plans, this feature is included. For existing customers on Journey and Master plans, please contact customer support to upgrade your subscription to include the Native Parts Catalog.

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