The new DVX™ auto shop management software, exclusive to Shop-Ware, serves customers in more interactively via ecommerce than ever before.

Shop-Ware Releases DVX™ Auto Shop Management Software

February 9, 2022 – SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA – Shop-Ware has released several enhancements and feature additions that significantly improve its auto shop management software user experience. The industry-leading shop management software has built upon traditional DVI, in launching DVX™ (Digital Vehicle Experience).

This new platform, exclusive to Shop-Ware, serves auto repair customers in a more interactive way than ever before.

DVX™ is an immersive, all-in-one-place communication platform. It spans the entire customer journey, from initial conversations to inspection, work order, and invoice. The DVX™ auto shop management software makes customer approvals easier and transforms customer relationships through the use of brand-new features:

  • One-Click Approvals – An eCommerce flow, enhanced for auto repair  allows customers to learn about recommended services and approve or decline them with the click of a button. Customers can more easily commit to a specific spend for their visit, then sign right from their phones.

  • Messenger – An improved messenger platform provides a central location for all customer communications within the auto shop management software. This includes conversations about repair orders to inquiries before or after a visit. Customers can live chat with staff for an instant response, like they do with other mainstream service providers. Plus, they can navigate these conversations instantly, anytime, anywhere with two-way texting capability. Navigating messages is easier for shops too, as conversations are easily accessible right from the RO.

What DVX™ means for shops and their customers

“Shop-Ware was born with the mission to make repair shops look awesome,” says Shop-Ware CEO, Carolyn Coquillette. “DVX™ takes the value proposition to a whole new level. Its immersive communication and buying experience delivers what customers have learned to expect with other mainstream services (banking, online shopping, air travel, and countless others). The DVX™ auto shop management software allows our shops to delight their customers and stand above their competition. Once they experience it, I am confident that customers will not accept anything less.”

“Beta shops using DVX™ report that they are spending significantly less time on the phone while seeing an increase in approvals for recommended services,” says Darin Sullivan, Product Manager at Shop-Ware. “Their customers reference how simple it is. They also share that they much prefer to review all of the information on their own, rather than trying to understand an explanation over a phone call.”


Additional upgrades to Shop-Ware’s auto shop management software

DVX™ works in concert with several other recent improvements to Shop-Ware’s auto shop management software. This includes:

  • CapacityAn innovative data visualization system that allows shops to absorb information at a glance. Track live billable hours, delegate work to staff and compare current performance to daily, weekly, and monthly targets. Easily gauge how much more work could be completed in a day to boost shop productivity.

  • GP Optimizer – This cloud-based auto shop software program leverages advanced statistics and machine-learning principles. Next, they create a custom, “optimized” parts markup curve based on actual parts sales. As the distribution of parts by cost price changes day to day, GP Optimizer flexes its curve as necessary to stay on track.

  • Integration with MyPlace4Parts – This alliance allows shops that source parts from Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper stores or warehouses to now purchase directly through the Shop-Ware platform.

  • Integration with Zapier – This tool allows end-users to integrate their various web applications to customize automated processes and significantly increase shop efficiency, thanks to more than 3,000 available applications.

  • Parts Authority integration – By pairing up with a premier national distributor of automotive replacement parts, tools, equipment, and transmissions, Shop-Ware opens the door for shops to access more than 3 million parts, 125-plus million applications, and 250-plus delivery locations.

  • Native Parts Catalog – This interface allows users to review real-time parts fitment, pricing, and availability across multiple aftermarket parts distributors, all from within the Shop-Ware platform.


These features, when combined, create a version of Shop-Ware that empowers shop owners with insight and productivity that is unmatched by any other SMS currently on the market.

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