With this integration to auto repair software, Shop-Ware & AutoVitals add increased efficiency to the estimating process within the real-time labor guide.

Shop-Ware Partners with AutoVitals

In January 2021, Shop-Ware announced a systems integration of its shop management software with AutoVitals. This will provide a seamless, automated workflow for auto shops nationwide. This press release highlights important upgrades that were made to further increase efficiency and profitability for mutual clients.


Shop-Ware + AutoVitals

With this exciting integration, Shop-Ware and AutoVitals combine to add increased efficiency to the automotive repair estimating process. Together these powerful auto repair softwares give services advisors one integrated tool to save time when inspecting vehicles, compiling estimates, and completing repairs.

  • Canned jobs configured and populated from the technicians’ AutoVitals tablet is passed to Shop-Ware’s recommendation field. It is then ready to be added to the estimate/approval.

  • Service Comments include notes about diagnosis/test and other results.

  • These upgrades build upon AutoVitals and Shop-Ware’s existing integration.

  • Work order information from Shop-Ware is passed to AutoVitals’ Today’s Vehicle Page.

  • AutoVitals’ digital inspection results show up in Shop-Ware’s customer notes.

  • Notes, comments, measurements, images & videos taken in AutoVitals inspection will be available in Shop-Ware.

  • CRM: recommended services and inspection create reminders.

  • Customer opt-in status and text & email conversations from AutoVitals appear in Shop-Ware.

  • AutoVitals’ technician clock-in/out & job completion is available in Shop-Ware

  • This integration with Shop-Ware expands AutoVitals’ capabilities to increase a shop’s ARO and improve shop efficiency by removing manual entry and duplication.

By using this automated workflow, shops are able to reduce their administrative workflow by 50% and spend more time on customer service.

About AutoVitals

The AutoVitals’ team is obsessed with enabling shop clients to achieve results never before possible with traditional paper-based methods. The Digital Shop® Advantage means the most innovative and impactful products, a commitment to developing and instilling industry best practices in everything we do, and the automotive industry’s most thriving and collaborative online community. Learn more about AutoVitals’ solutions today.

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