Shop-Ware Now Offers Remote Pay By 360 Payments

Auto repair is a high-dollar, high-value transaction. Accordingly, our customer’s sensitivity about how much it costs – and why – never matters more important than when you ask them to pay the bill.

While these conversations can sometimes feel awkward or uncomfortable, it’s important that you don’t cheapen your automotive repair services at this final step.

Shop-Ware offers the best shop management software for helping shops grow their profits. It now offers a solution that helps you showcase the value and sophistication that you invested throughout the repair.

Learn more about Remote Pay in the replay of our webinar Tips for Adapting to Contactless Service in Your Automotive Repair Shop.

Introducing ‘Remote Pay’ by 360 Payments

Typical of Shop-Ware’s customer transparency and real-time labor guide interaction, the transaction occurs directly from the online repair order. Therefore, customers don’t have to “go” anywhere else or disconnect from the experience of what they used to buy services in the first place.

Easy as 1-2-3

This seamless, integrated process eliminates questions, concerns and hesitation quickly and easily:

  1. First, when you’ve done the repair and a balance is due, you may “share” the repair order, same as always. With Remote Pay enabled, the customer can review the entire repair order. That includes all services and inspections performed, notes, photos/videos, approved recommendations, and the grand total with the balance due.

  2. Next, they will see a “checkout” button that leads to a clean and friendly credit card entry form, with a summary of charges.

  3. When the charge is processed, they are directed to a ‘success’ page with a thank you for service; a means to view their receipt and return to the repair order.

Best of all, by using Shop-Ware, you can share the repair order any way you wish — via email, text message or a special link.

Don’t disconnect your value from the request for payment. Give your customers a consistent, seamless, and reassuring experience, with total flexibility on how they prefer to be reached.

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