Shop-Ware is Offered as an Integration with Zapier


SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA – Shop-Ware has partnered its auto repair software as an integrator with Zapier. This pairs the industry-leading shop management system that offers an end-to-end digital customer experience with a tool that allows end-users to integrate their various web applications.

“Zapier unlocks data and allows businesses to quickly and easily integrate with hundreds of applications,” says André Pimentel, VP of Customer Success at Shop-Ware.

“This is something nearly impossible for businesses to achieve on their own with traditional, localized on-premise shop management software, so we’re really excited to offer this integration.”

How the Integration Works

With this addition, Shop-Ware users can customize automated processes and significantly increase shop efficiency, with more than 3,000 available applications. Shop-Ware and Zapier integration team up to deliver time-saving workflows such as:

  • Adding a contact automatically to a CRM system every time shops create a new customer in Shop-Ware

  • Creating a repair order in Shop-Ware once a customer books a new appointment

  • Sending a welcome email to a new customer from a shop’s email marketing system

Zapier integrates with Shop-Ware's automotive software to make shops more efficient

To take advantage of this integration, Shop-Ware subscribers must also sign up with Zapier. Once subscribers have a Zapier account, they simply contact [email protected] for an API key and Secret (password) to get started.

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