Two instructors speaking to a class of nine auto repair technicians

Shop-Ware Hearts ASA Florida

Shop-Ware is a proud sponsor of ASA Florida. They are an incredible resource to the aftermarket industry, setting a standard for excellence and professionalism through education, representation, and membership services. Not to mention, several Shop-Ware’s shop management software clients are members.

So, when they approached us to do a joint webinar with ASA Florida board member and Shop-Ware client, Brin Kline, of course we said “yes.”

Service Writing 2.0

Shop-Ware CEO, Carolyn Coquillette, and Assured Auto Works, Brin Kline, teamed up for an ASA Florida exclusive webinar. They talked through collaborative ways to showcase a shop’s technical expertise while educating customers about the valuable services provided.

If you have an hour, you can watch the full webinar below. You will walk away with a thorough understanding of writing high-value services, mastering the inspections process, and unlocking additional reporting and profitability adjustments.

Giving Back

About half way through the webinar, Brin highlights the importance of your shop not only as a business, but also as a responsible member of your community.

Finding ways to give back and hold each other accountable to help push the industry forward is an ethos we can get behind! ASA Florida more than does their part by creating a network of support for shop owners in Florida and making sure its members are held to the highest standard of business ethics.

Two instructors speaking to a class of nine auto repair technicians

Shop-Ware CEO. Carolyn Coqullette leading a session with Scott Brown of Diagnostic Network at ASA Florida’s 2019 Tradeshow

Shop-Ware’s own mission falls right in line with ASA’s which is why we jump at every opportunity to support this great organization and its members. ASA’s mission is “to empower independent automotive service providers through education, networking, resources and industry relationships to improve the professionalism and success of our industry.”

Similarly, our founder’s passion for the success of the industry led to the creation of Shop-Ware.

“It’s my mission to make the daily lives of our workforce as productive and enjoyable as possible, so we can accomplish the hard work of fixing cars and get appreciated for it: publicly, personally and financially.”

– Carolyn Coquillette, Shop-Ware Founder & CEO

We had a blast connecting with this awesome organization and its members at their trade show last November! Even though this year’s trade show was cancelled due to the pandemic, we are definitely looking forward to the next.

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