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Put Your Digital Workflow in Good Hands with Your Auto Shop Software

For optimal shop performance, let auto repair software and digital workflow systems handle the day-to-day tasks, freeing up your team to focus on the essential work of solving problems and providing excellent customer service. This will result in a more productive and profitable shop.

In other words, invest your time where it’s needed most. When your shop management software follows the repair process, it keeps communication about every RO flowing smoothly.

Transfer the specifics to an automated process

Spending a significant amount of time on the small details can divert your attention from the essential task of expanding your customer base. Nonetheless, wise business owners recognize the appropriate moment to step back, let go and concentrate on developing their business rather than getting bogged down in operational tasks.

Hence the common phrase: working ‘on’ the business, not ‘in’ the business.

What does “letting go” look like?

Instead of a physical paper file, a computer screen is used to maintain a record of every repair order in a digital workflow. This electronic file is accessible from the front counter and can be sent to either the automotive technician or the customer.

Shop-Ware tracks when repair orders need attention and notifies staff in real-time. That way, you minimize distractions while you maximize staff’s attention to your most profitable task: FIXING CARS FASTER. Let the computer worry about adjusting pricing with the Parts GP Optimizer and which bay has open hours with Capacity. As a result, you have free time to focus on the people side of the business.

Easily delegate tasks to colleagues with a click of a button

Have you ever kept track of the number of steps you take in a day? With the constant back-and-forth between moving cars and delivering keys from the bay to the front counter, we’re always on our feet.

There’s an easier way to share information when you have a digital workflow set up with your auto shop software.

Rather than engaging in time-consuming and expensive processes, one can easily transfer a file from a tablet or smartphone located in a bay to the front counter. The same procedure is also applicable when service advisors switch technicians between repair orders. For instance, all the relevant files and previous communications can be efficiently transmitted digitally to ensure that everyone is up to date. Each individual can swiftly access the link to the repair order and include their notes.

Those minutes of walking around really add up. Rather than rack up miles, make the most of every minute. That way, you can squeeze in one or two more repairs in a day.

Get a quick overview of your day with just a glance

With the right automotive shop software, it becomes effortless to determine your progress each day. This enables you to identify bottlenecks and shuffle techs as needed.

The best-case scenario involves having a comprehensive view of all repair orders in the workflow displayed on a single screen. Shop-Ware’s color-coded labels make it easy to determine whether you’re:

    • Addressing instructions to “just fix it”
    • Helping a new or repeat customer
    • Awaiting approval
    • Conducting an oil change service
    • Providing a loaner car
    • Offering a first responder discount
    • And much more!

Monitor the progress of each repair order

In the following columns, gather high-level information, such as:

  • Status – This informs all employees about the repair order’s progress, whether it’s a work in progress, waiting for parts, completed, and so on. This way, you can swiftly address customer questions or request payment once the work is finished.
  • Notes – This provides updates to the staff or customers regarding customer preferences or any additional recommendations. Additionally, it can reveal which marketing channel led this customer to your shop in the first place.
  • Number of services – This offers a bullet-pointed list of the approved tasks to help technicians work through each item one at a time.
  • Billed hours – This column allows you to monitor how close you are to achieving your daily totals. It is also instrumental in measuring staff productivity by checking whether you’ve reached your targeted KPI’s.
  • % of work done – This enables the staff to effortlessly update customers about the progress of their repair order. It also guides decision-making, such as when to assign the next job to a technician who has free time.

By implementing an appropriate workflow, automotive repair shops can effortlessly track which service advisors are the most productive. Additionally, the digital workflow provides data on the customers who consume the most hours.

While it may be challenging for people to calculate these metrics manually, automotive shop software performs the task seamlessly in the background. At the end of the day, the software can provide easy-to-understand summaries of critical data points.

That way, you can really focus on the big picture, knowing the details are well in hand.

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