Pinnacle Motor Works’ Pioneers Adapt Along With Auto Repair Program

The small yet mighty team at Pinnacle Motor Works thrives on blending two lifetimes of experience with the latest auto repair program. And this powerful mix serves their customers well.

Co-owners Larry Goodman and Wing Tan have more than 80 years of expertise under the hood. With that wisdom came the insight that they need to keep pace with shop management software their clients expect.

Pinnacle adopted Shop-Ware on Oct. 2, 2020, creating a new milestone in the shop’s long history.

Meet Pinnacle Motor Works

Larry opened Pinnacle Motor Works in Stirling, New Jersey in 1983 after graduating from Ohio University with a science degree in 1975. He started his auto-mechanic career working for Mercedes and BMW dealerships.

Since then, he has earned his certification with BOSCH, as a Master ASE Technician, to name a few.

Meanwhile, Wing Tan has worked in the automotive industry for more than 35 years, joining Larry’s team in 1985. As vice president, he mentors the three technicians, sharing his skills fixing European cars. He is also certified in BOSCH and as a Master ASE Technician, and far more.

Master technicians Larry Goodman and Wing Tan from Pinnacle Motor Works

“Larry and Wing have been in this business all their lives,” says manager Rachel Mattews. “They grew up working on the cars that people used to drive and work on the cars that are on the road now.”

Pinnacle has been a BOSCH-authorized service facility for more than 35 years, a difficult badge to earn. Its staff have factory training and certifications from Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and Volkswagen.

The shop is also certified by the state of New Jersey as an inspection and emissions repair facility.

Pinnacle is perched just off Route 78, tucked between a group of larger towns.

Adding auto repair program to the mix

Rachel joined the team in 2017 and welcomed Shop-Ware auto repair program to the shop.

“It enables us to communicate directly and automatically with customers,” she says. “They see what we’re seeing in real time without getting lost in the technical. It also provides backup for everything.”

Adding the industry-leading auto repair program drives the shop to stay current. Its owners and three techs regularly take courses in all European vehicle makes and models. They also equip the shop with the latest tools and tech they need to serve clients well.

Rachel notes that adapting to Shop-Ware was easier for staff who grew up using computers. Even so, all the techs appreciate what the system delivers.

“The value far outweighs the learning curve,” she adds.

A row of cars in the lane beside Pinnacle Motor Works

Pinnacle’s personal touch

As a small shop, Pinnacle’s staff like to take the time to talk with customers, Rachel notes. Head technician Fulgencio Ramirez has been on staff since 2007 and Edison Torres joined the shop in 2008. Cole Heuvelman arrived in 2020.

“We really focus on making sure our diagnostics are thorough and in-depth,” Rachel says.

“We really think through the problem rather than just throwing parts at it. It takes a little longer but in the long run it saves a lot of money.”

Its website jokes about a car repair feeling like going to the dentist. “Nobody loves doing it. We want to make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible for you. We genuinely care about your car and your experience, committing to provide you quality, care and value.”

Since it opened, Pinnacle has had a laser focus on every customer getting peace of mind with their service. At the same time, they believe its staff provides the best quality and value available.

“Going to a dealership is impersonal. When people come to Pinnacle, it’s more one-on-one,” they say.

This personal touch and passion for cars bonds Pinnacle with its customers to the point where they feel like family. As a result, many of them have been bringing their cars there for 30 years or more.

Having an auto repair program contributes to that atmosphere. It also attracts techs who adapt with the business for when Larry and Wing decide to retire, Rachel adds. While they are both in their 70s, she adds that they work just as hard and are just as skilled as ever.

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