Manage Fleet Business Faster with Auto Repair Software

Is your auto repair software taking your business to the next level with cutting-edge fleet management tools? For many automotive repair shops, tuning up and maintaining fleet vehicles is a huge part of their business. When fleet vehicles break down, every minute the fleet customers’ vehicles are off the road costs them dollars. It is essential they use an automotive repair shop that provides prompt and effective service for their repairs.

Tracking for fleet customers can be difficult due to frequent vehicle turnover. Rather than handling these work orders more efficiently than traditional retail customers, many shops end up in the opposite situation. With the right automotive repair fleet management software, the process can be a breeze. Take your fleet repair management from zero to sixty with these top tips!

Clean Up Your Auto Repair Shop Management System’s Fleet Customer Contact Information

Customer management can be one of the trickiest parts for automotive repair shops handling fleet vehicle maintenance. For any given fleet customer, you’ll want to track them by their business name within your shop management software. Create a customer profile with the business name first when managing vehicle fleets or cargo vans.

From there, you might have a plethora of contacts to manage, each playing a different role within the company. Perhaps one contact handles vehicle drop off and pick up, while another contact is responsible for receiving bills and making payments.

If your auto repair software allows you to add multiple contacts within the fleet customer profile, it will be easier for your entire team to manage this business. Better still, you’ll significantly reduce the possibility of errors in your data entry. Shop-Ware’s fleet management system allows users to drill into the details when managing fleet customers. Create comprehensive customer profiles that include a notes section to provide your team with insights into important information about fleet clients.

Use Detailed Accounts Receivable Reporting for Fleet Business

When it comes to managing auto repair for fleet customers, accounting practices are a huge consideration. This is because fleet customers are going to frequent your business with many vehicles at any given time. These types of customers don’t want to pay for every little job piecemeal.

Using auto repair software with an AR report and advanced filtering will make accounting for fleet businesses easy for your shop. Auto repair shops using Shop-Ware can utilize a powerful accounts receivable report to quickly look at specific fleet information. This report reduces manual work and data mining.

Utilize Fleet Data Migration Within Your Shop Management System

For shops considering switching automotive repair shop management systems, data migration is critical. Shop-Ware excels in onboarding, with a robust data migration program, complete with fleet management solutions. Shop-Ware makes it easy for auto repair shops to import fleet customers and manage them right away.

Shops coming from a management system without fleet tracking capabilities can easily convert retail customers to fleet customers with a few clicks. When a fleet customer is established, customers can be located quickly using their business name, phone number, or email address. Take the headache out of manual workarounds and manage fleet business seamlessly with Shop-Ware’s fleet maintenance software.

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