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Keep Your Auto Shop Customers Rocking with Free SiriusXM

We’ve made some pretty cool friends in the automotive repair industry, including our allies at SiriusXM. We got acquainted when our shop management software company teamed up to host Beer, Beats and BBQ at VisionKC. That event was a blast so watch for us to co-host more parties again in the future.

For those who don’t know SiriusXM, it delivers endless music and talk show options while in the car or via its app.That includes the best ad-free music, sports, talk, news and comedy on the planet.

We find it even more exciting that SiriusXM offers the Shop Lane program. Thanks to this outside-the-box idea, shops everywhere can add music to their customers’ cars and homes. Shops can offer a three-month trial to their customers as a reward for their loyalty. By enhancing the customer experience, you will win over more loyalty, more five-star reviews and more referrals.”

As we celebrate Customer Appreciation Month, we thank partners like SiriusXM who entertain our customers and the people they serve.

Tune up your auto shop’s productivity

Did you know that having music in your shop can make it a more productive workplace by boosting techs’ moods. People who listen to tunes at work get their tasks done faster, says University of Miami researcher Teresa Lesiuk. How does this work? When you have music on, you are more creative and sharpen your problem-solving skills.

In fact, 85 percent of people said they prefer to listen to music while working rather than hustle in silence. Four of five said it makes their job more enjoyable; 71 percent said it makes them more productive.

Out of all the tunes on the market, these are the most popular genres that make workers the most productive:

  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Country
  • Alternative
  • Classical
  • Hip hop/rap
  • Jazz
  • Blues
  • Heavy metal

One special musical treat

Thanks to SiriusXM’s Shop Lane program, shops can thank their customers by giving them access to the best ad-free content. Even better, this service comes free for them and for you.

You decide how to frame the offer of a 3-month Platinum Plan Trial Subscription (an $80 value) inside and outside the car, courtesy of your shop and SiriusXM. This requires no effort from the shop other than opting who is eligible and briefing your service advisors. SiriusXM will notify your customers after their service visit and set them up.

Do you have questions about how all this works? Check out its Frequently Asked Questions to learn the ins and outs of this exciting new opportunity for Shop-Ware customers.

Overall, the more fun people can have at your shop – as workers or as visitors – the better it reflects on your shop. And that is invaluable to keep people coming back for more.

Man lying on a deck chair under the banner Manage Your Shops from Anywhere

The value to auto shop customers

We all know it’s easier and cheaper to keep our current auto shop customers than to advertise and seek out new ones. How much more valuable? Acquiring a new customer can cost five times more than keeping one an existing customer.

According to this automotive marketing firm:

  • Loyal auto shop customers are five times as likely to repurchase and to forgive if you make an honest mistake.

  • They are also four times as likely to refer and seven times as likely to try a new offering.

  • Simply increasing customer retention by 5% can increase your auto repair shop’s profits from 25 to 95%.

  • The success rate of selling to a customer you already have is 60 to 70%.

  • Meanwhile, the success rate of selling to a new customer is just 5 to 20%.

One of the best ways you can keep customers comes from thanking them, not just with words but with actions. Show them you care with small gifts. And they will reward you back by returning every time they need a service.

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