Introducing TechApp by Shop-Ware

A tool for technicians, built to maximize efficiency.

A new mobile application designed specifically for technicians to help maximize efficiency and streamline the car repair process.

TechApp is a native mobile application, meaning it runs smoothly and efficiently on your mobile device. It utilizes features like your phone’s camera, flash, and voice-to-text to make the diagnostic process faster and more accurate. With natural mobile behaviors like swiping, technicians can quickly fill out checklists and share results without ever leaving the bay.

Learn more details in this podcast with our Founder and CEO, Carolyn Coquillette, and Carm Capriotto from Remarkable Results Radio.

The TechApp is designed to make the inspection process faster and more efficient. With natural mobile behaviors like swiping, technicians can fill out checklists lightning fast.

Streamlining Technicians’ Workload and Communication Process

One of the key benefits of TechApp is that it allows technicians to see the services assigned to them on repair orders and access top-level information about the car they’re servicing, like billed hours and time taken for each service. Plus, technicians can easily clock in at the beginning of their day and clock out at the end, making time management a breeze.

The TechApp also makes communication easier between all parties involved in the repair process. Technicians can talk to text, attach videos or other materials they’ve already taken, and access the camera to better communicate their findings. This helps to minimize the administrative burden that comes with fixing cars, making the process faster and more efficient.

Meet the needs of everyone involved in the car’s repair

Shop-Ware has designed the TechApp to meet the needs of every role in the value chain:

  • Technicians can work where they are most efficient.
  • Service advisors can prioritize work based on the importance of the repair or maintenance the car owner needs to address first.
  • Car owners receive information about the repair through Shop-Ware’s Digital Vehicle Experience (DVX), understanding the priority, and having the ability to approve or decline the service.

Improve processes and fix cars faster

Overall, the TechApp is an essential tool for every auto repair business that wants to improve their processes and make their technicians’ work easier. With TechApp by Shop-Ware, you can fix cars faster, improve communication, and make your customers happier. Keep an eye out for the upcoming release on both iOS and Android platforms!

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