How to Switch Your Auto Repair Shop Scheduler Online

Looking for a more efficient way to handle your auto repair shop scheduler? Using new online scheduling technology with your shop management software can save time and money, and lead to fewer mistakes.

Introducing new technology can feel overwhelming, so these tips can help you make the switch as painless as possible.

Choose your partner

You can choose from a long list of products on the market for scheduling your customer’s services. However, we always recommend a product made specifically for your industry.

Platforms, like AutoVitals, which are known for their auto repair shop scheduling, should make your shortlist first.

These must-have features work well for every auto repair shop:

  • Easy use for your staff
  • Integration with your current POS software
  • Training for your staff
  • Reasonable price

Teaming up with the right solution means you don’t need to worry about the transition. After all, your partner should do the heavy lifting for you.

Communicate, communicate, communicate

How do you get staff to buy in to switch to auto repair shop scheduling software from the standard board? It starts with having open communication and initiating a dialogue with your entire team.

Hold frequent meetings to discuss the possibility of the switch and the benefits of each automotive shop software you consider. Your employees want to feel that they have a voice in the matter.

After all, they may see flaws in the programs you are looking at that are invisible to you. They have the most expertise in booking appointments and making sure the shop runs smoothly. Therefore, why not seek their opinions and input?

Be positive about your scheduling software

No matter what you choose to share with your staff, present all of the options in a positive light. Always share the benefits of the new technology when talking with your staff. They need to know that your decision is primarily for their benefit.

Moreover, let them know that you have done the homework. That way, you will appear ready to address any concerns they may have about the upcoming change.

Documenting a car's arrival with an auto repair shop scheduler

Train on your auto repair shop scheduler

Training comes in just behind communication in the degree of importance. You must present different training options to get your staff up to speed on the new auto repair software workflows. With Shop-Ware, this is seamless since it is built into our system.

This means scheduling both individual and group training sessions. That way, everyone has a chance to acquaint themselves with the program before you officially launch it.

Performing test runs will help your staff figure out where they have specific questions. They might notice a bug that should be worked out or a way to make the program easier to use.

Without hands-on experience with the process, they may not be as prepared to use the software when the time comes.

Make sure that everyone on the team feels included. Everyone should have at least an introduction to the auto repair shop scheduler in case they need to use it.

Leverage your auto shop scheduling software

Launching an auto repair shop scheduler presents an internal change first and foremost. Customers may not see the benefits of this switch, but you can absolutely use it to promote your shop.

Many auto repair shops find it helpful to set up a campaign around this major internal shift. For example, they may offer a discount for customers who come in for a test run. The discount doesn’t can be as small as 20% off labor or a special price on routine services.

By sharing this step with the public, you stand out from others as an agile company. Rather, you openly share what goes on behind the scenes and how it ultimately benefits the auto shop customer experience.

Customers love knowing that their auto repair shop keeps up with the times and offers the best possible care.

Transition easily to an online auto shop scheduler

If you aim to shift from boards to an auto repair shop scheduler, you’ll want to ensure a smooth transition. AutoVitals is the top software choice for auto repair shops that want to turn to a more digital model. They offer training and support so that you can make the transition seamlessly.

Other benefits of AutoVitals software include professional advising, workflow management, digital vehicle inspections and customer retention management. They also offer a full marketing suite that shop owners can utilize to promote their new scheduling software.

With AutoVitals, you can create custom websites and digital marketing campaigns that will bring more customers than ever into your shop.

If you have been thinking about making the switch to digital scheduling, now is the best time to do so. Reach out to AutoVitals today to learn more about how they can help your auto repair shop thrive!

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