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How to Increase Profitability With Your Auto Shop Website

Nearly 81% of consumers seek out a business online before making a purchase. It’s simple. If people can’t find your auto shop website, if your site is slow, or offers little information, you run the risk of losing customers.

On the other hand, if you have a fully functioning site, built for convenience, you can quickly increase profitability. Here’s how to start leveraging your auto shop website while using shop management software.

Optimize for mobile

In 2021, mobile devices generated more than half of global website traffic. That means when someone finds your auto shop’s page, it’s likely they’re doing so on a smartphone. With this in mind, you’ll want to make sure your website is optimized for mobile.

Consider incorporating mobile-friendly links that allow people to make direct calls or emails through their phones. Additionally, you’ll also want to consider the page speed of your site. Mobile devices, which tend to run slower than standalone computers, require smaller image files and fewer flash-driven features.

By addressing these issues, you can ensure that clients still find your website professional, helpful, and – most importantly – convenient, even on their smartphones.

Highlight value props

You know what makes your business special. Perhaps it’s your team, your quality of service, or uniquely affordable pricing. Whatever sets your shop apart from the competition, you’ll want to make it clear to your audience.

Some successful value propositions might include:
● An enticing service – 20-minute oil change
● Social proof – Voted the county’s best auto repair shop in 2022
● A solution to a common problem – Tired of having to call for a status update? Check us out!

Also, you’ll want to include a call-to-action (CTA) box. For auto shops, this will either trigger a phone call or send users to a scheduling app that allows them to book a service.

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Making branding consistent

More than your logo, branding helps evoke emotions from customers, establishing what you do and who you are. Images, color scheme, and other design elements will all play into how clients perceive your business.

For example, if your shop is family-owned and has been a part of the community for decades, you might want to put photos of the owners and team front and center. This can help generate trust.

Also, including the years of operation can also demonstrate a continued commitment to excellence. Many businesses proudly display dates, such as Est. 1965, in their branding.

Create a content strategy

To make search engines notice you, you’ll need to produce regular content. This allows you to demonstrate your expertise and tell your story as an auto professional and boosts your search rankings.

Google is more likely to lead its users to pages with informative content. The higher you place on Google’s rankings the more likely people are to interact with your brand. For many auto shops, this comes in the form of a blog.

With a blog, you can post regular and helpful articles that prove to your customers you’re well-informed and credible in the auto repair industry. For example, those seeking a car repair would likely be interested in posts from the owner about ways to augment the lifespan of a car’s engine or how to prepare their car in the colder weather.

Hand it to the experts

Creating a website and optimizing it––both for users and search engines––can be a full-time job. For this reason, most larger companies have entire departments devoted to web design and SEO. So, it’s often helpful to turn to auto website professionals who understand the industry and how best to reach the right audience.

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