How to Empower Your Auto Repair Customers & Increase Sales

Today’s cars communicate in binary terms: indicator ON or OFF. At the same time, your customers lack the technical knowledge and aptitude to fix their own problems.

Yet when you use collaborative methods to empower customers and showcase your shop’s technical ability, you will bridge the gap between owners and their high-tech cars. That’s the power of the best shop management software at work.

Shop-Ware Founder & CEO, Carolyn Coquillette, and Diagnostic Network Founder & CEO, Scott Brown, co-hosted an informative webinar on Showcasing Your Shop’s Technical Expertise.


A high level of transparency is essential to both your customer’s empowerment and higher profits for your shop. It will help you earn your customer’s trust without having to ask for it then sell your services with confidence. The more insight they have into the technical details of their repair, the more they will understand your value proposition, making it easier to close on bigger tickets.

So, how do you offer this coveted level of transparency without increasing your workload and personal stress? Easy – invest in the right auto repair software that will do the work for you.


Go Digital

According to a February 2019 study by McKinsey & Co., 58% of people prefer digital channels as a means for communication and an additional 25% use digital channels as a necessity.

Amazingly, that’s 83% of the population relying on digital!

When you get the right auto repair software, you let go of phones (the not-so-smart kind) and paper as a primary method of communication. These outdated, inefficient methods run counter to what today’s tech-savvy, smartphone-wielding consumer expects. It also adds to the unfamiliarity and discomfort of the stereotypical auto shop experience.

Go Contactless

Using digital channels to communicate facilitates contactless communication; a necessity for operating in today’s pandemic. Contactless will be our “new normal” for the foreseeable future and likely a standard practice post-COVID. Implementing a shop management system that allows for a completely digital experience from the time the customer brings their car into the shop, throughout the approval and payment process, keeps you connected to your customers while remaining six feet apart.

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Shop-Ware as a Solution

Our shop management software was created by a shop owner for shop owners. Born in our founder’s San Francisco-based nationally recognized shop, our integrated solutions resulted from her own frustration with a lack of tools. She needed a better way to communicate her own value propositions to her budget-conscious, tech-savvy customers.

Thirteen years later, the proof is in the proverbial pudding. Out of 50,647 repair orders on the platform, more than 80% of customers approved a tech’s recommendation, while only 4.8% did not.

Our software has been instrumental in helping our shops transition quickly and smoothly to providing 100% contactless service. Our tools, which include the recently launched Remote Pay, give you the ability to communicate with your customer from the beginning to end of your service without physical interaction.

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